We delve inside the male mind, with the help of Liam Eastwood from bespoke tailoring company, A Suit That Fits, to find out what your groom would love to see you wearing as you walk down the aisle – and what he wouldn’t. Over to you, Liam!

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Most women know what they like to wear and hardly rely on men to tell them what looks good and what doesn’t. This is because women just know about these things. Whereas men, well, we often don’t. It’s not that a woman’s style doesn’t affect us – we instinctively admire a woman who dresses well – but this often happens unconsciously and we don’t always know why a woman looks good.

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Simple and elegant

This is true of grooms, too. I asked my brother, who’s about to get married, what he’d like to see his bride wearing, and he responded: “An unfussy, elegant dress. No over-the-top lacy patterns. Think Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, then think of the exact opposite. Other than that, I’m honestly not that bothered.” My brother’s response to my question sums up a very masculine view of bridalwear: either the groom wants the bride to look simple and elegant or it’s just not something he thinks about too much.

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Don’t let this discourage you. Just because your groom may not be thinking about what you’ll be wearing on the big day, it doesn’t mean he won’t be wowed by your appearance when your wedding actually comes around. Men might not think about a woman’s clothes too much, but they usually love the package.

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Dress like the Duchess

As for my brother’s response about ‘no over-the-top lacy patterns’, this is a standard masculine response that doesn’t actually hold true. My brother may think he’d rather his bride looked ‘simple and elegant’, but the fact is that lacy patterns aren’t necessarily over-the-top, and even if they are, they can still look good.

For proof of this, you just have to remember Kate Middleton’s wedding dress with its lace sleeves. Most men won’t remember the details of the dress or be able to distinguish why it worked so well, but there’s no doubt that the dress was stunning. Designed by Sarah Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen, it’s possibly one of the only wedding dresses to have its own Wikipedia page! In fact, the dress’ lace shoulders were one of its most-talked about features in the press. Influenced by traditional Irish lace, the fabric was produced by Sophie Hallete and the Cluny Lace Company in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. The effect was so great, I’d advise any women to opt for a dress made of multiple materials.

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Luxury lace and beautiful bodices

The power of lace is that it’s so feminine: it allows a woman to incorporate feminine designs (like flowers and thistles) into her dress, while showing off a bit of skin. Another thing a man might like if his fiancé opted for a very simple, unfussy dress is a corset-like bodice. The sweetheart neckline, especially, produces a heart-shaped torso that men find very attractive.

What about the long train and veil? I can’t vouch for all men, but the traditionalism and ‘fairytale’ nature of the long train and veil is definitely something I’d find attractive myself. So ignore men like my brother, and wear what you know will look good on you, and what you feel good in. Asking men’s advice too much can only result in confusion. Overall, we trust you, and we love you whatever you’ll be wearing.

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Thanks Liam! When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, choose for yourself and not for him. If you’ve already picked out your gown, what’s your favourite part of it?