When you’re shopping for your dream dress don’t forget these 10 questions to ask your bridal boutique!

  1. What style would suit my shape best?

    A good boutique can offer advice based on your height, shape, skin tone, wedding venue and personal style.

  2. Do you offer an alteration service?

    Chances are, your dress will need tailoring, so find out if these alterations can be done in-house or if you’ll need to source a seamstress beforehand.

  3. When you're shopping for your dream dress don't forget these 10 questions to ask your bridal boutique to make sure you get the perfect dress!

    What is included in the price?

    Check whether the quote includes alterations and bespoke details you may request, such as underskirts or a loop to hook up your train for dancing.

  4. How many fittings do I need?

    Usually, two to three is the norm – an initial ‘try everything in the shop’ session, one when your dress has arrived in store, and a final one after it has been altered.

  5. What if I lose weight before the wedding day?

    If you’re dieting, tell your boutique so they can arrange fittings at the most appropriate times.

  6. Do you sell sample dresses?

    Budget brides can save money by looking for a sample, ex-display dress, or a past-season style.

  7. How and when will my dress be delivered?

    Your dress should be delivered pressed and ready to wear in protective packaging. Some boutiques will store it for you until your big day.

  8. Can I take photos?

    Once you’ve committed to a dress, having pictures can help you choose the right flowers, accessories and hairstyle.

  9. What underwear should I choose?

    The assistant should be able to tell you whether you need a strapless bra or maybe no bra at all, especially if the gown is corseted.

  10. How should I care for my dress until the day?

    Your boutique will be able to advise you on transporting it safely to your venue and getting rid of any last-minute creases.