We’re kicking off trends for 2017 in CAKE form and this time inspired by delicate floral structures and natural layers that require a close eye for detail, intricate decoration and refined baking techniques for a visual outcome that is truly unique. This summer, Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles has taken the art of cake design to a new level with the introduction of its new specialty cake collection featuring elaborate and detailed creations by Pastry Chef Jen Shen.

Bel-air cakes4

Hotel Bel-Air has created four unique desserts including flavours of Strawberry Lane, Honey Bee, Lemon in the Coconut and Flourless Flower Cake.

Strawberry Lane

Bel-air cakes

Based on the design of the artichoke, this detailed cake offers strawberry lane flavours consisting of white sponge cake, fresh strawberries and vanilla cream. Petal shaped shards of wafer thin tempered chocolate encase the cream sponge cake in the most elegant graduation to make a single tiered spherical design – The beauty of this idea allows you to colour the chocolate to your theme if required.

Honey Bee

Bel-air cakes1

Inspired by a bee hive, this Honey Bee cake is made of a banana sponge cake with a dulce de leche mousse and banana brown sugar compote. A baked Alaska meringue style sphere covering shapes the hive, creating a dessert option and contrast of textures.


Lemon in the Coconut

Bel-air cakes2

Pastry Chef created this vibrant cake taking cue from the long summer walks on the esplanade in Los Angeles. This Lemon in the Coconut cake is flavoured with a coconut sponge cake, lemon cream, raspberry jam and coconut cream filling. Finished off beautifully with peaking Italian meringue drops for a real sweet tooth!


Flourless Flower Cake

Bel-air cakes3

A field of sunflowers became the inspiration for this cake. Decorated with golden elements, this flourless flower Cake is featuring an almond sponge cake with fresh berries and vanilla cream.

Hotel Bel-air