As your wedding planning get’s underway, chances are you are thinking of a traditional wedding, that includes fresh flowers. However, you might be feeling bold enough to consider something a little different? Would you love to design your own bouquet that will last forever? Perhaps you or your partner have allergies to take into consideration. Crystal Bouquet Boutique will take care of all of the above…


Crystal bouquet boutique


Never the same and always bespoke

Crystal bouquets are handmade using the finest sourced materials and are completely unique to you and your vision. They can include pretty much anything! Crystals, pearls, brooches, jewellery, buttons, ribbons, lego. We then take that inspiration and make something of incredible quality and beauty for your special day. We have created whimsical themed wonderland bouquets, superhero buttonholes and even a beer bottle top cascading bouquet for the super creative bride?!

No more allergies and endless choice

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Fresh flowers will always have a wow factor but for the bride (or groom) who is allergic, this can also end up being a source of great concern. With crystal bouquets you can still recreate the stunning real flower look but without any of the allergies plus you can have access to every flower and colour you want since silk flowers and crystals are always in season! If you are looking for something a little different and want a statement piece that will last a lifetime, not just for the day itself, our bouquets are perfect.

Your bouquet can become an heirloom

The beauty of crystal bouquets is that they can treasured and reused! Pass down your bouquet to family members or your own children and start a family tradition that will be a beautiful heirloom. Better still, incorporate sentimental pieces that can be with you on your special day.


Preservation of floral arrangements can be very pricey whereas your crystal or silk flower bouquets will look exactly the same as they did on your wedding day eternally, and you don’t have to do a thing! You can then display your bouquet at home after the wedding in a beautiful vase, as a centrepiece or simply keep it safe in it’s box to remember your day by.

Transportation & timescales

Our bouquets arrive with you beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a luxury keepsake box, 2 months ahead of the wedding. Perfectly packaged to ensure safest transport wherever you are travelling to. Fly to your destination wedding with your bouquet completely safe in your luggage, in the knowledge it will look brand new on your wedding day. Our bouquets have no time limit and no use-by date!


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Crystal Bouquets Boutique is a multi-award winning company that specialises in creating beautiful Crystal Bouquets and Accessories. To see some of Aria’s bespoke styles in person, visit her grand stand L61 at the National Wedding Show, Birmingham 3-5th March 2017!


The design process

After consulting with you about your style, budget and ideas, Aria will come up with a design to fit your unique requirements. All crystals, brooches, silk flowers and special items are then selected and put together by hand to create bespoke bouquets that will last a lifetime.

We can create matching accessories, centrepieces, buttonholes corsages and so much more. You will receive everything 2 months ahead of the wedding and you don’t need to stress about anything not arriving for your big day exactly the way you want it. We also stock a selection of ready to buy designs for last minute orders.

Winners of The Wedding Industry Experts Awards 2012-2017


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