We have combined our top saving tips with purse-friendly detail trends so every budgetting bride can get her dream day for less…

A is for Asking for help

Clever couples know that accepting the help of loved ones will save them a heap of cash. From making your cake to helping put together the favours, use your friends’ and family’s skills.

B is for Bartering

If you don’t ask, you won’t get! When it comes to buying your flowers, details and even booking your venue, there are always negotiations to be made. Can your venue throw in free corkage? Or perhaps your tailormade suits can get a discount for buying in bulk? Don’t be shy – it’s always worth an ask.

C is for Cocktails

For a cheap-but-chic drinks reception, ditch traditional bubbly and serve pitchers of your own bespoke cocktail. Give them a romantic name, too, like ‘Marital Bliss’ or ‘Love Struck’. Adding fruit juice makes pricier alcohol go a long way.

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D is for DIY

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Crafty brides will not only make their day personal and unique but also save a bundle, too. Make your own stationery, cake, flowers, hanging decorations and even set up a photobooth – it can be a really fun party of the planning process and the cost of materials will be less than ordering from a professional. Just make sure you don’t take on too much at once, or you could run out of time!

E is for Excel

Budget spreadsheets are an absolute must when planning your wedding. You must keep on top of your finances, and ensure you are going to meet all the payment deadlines.

F is for Flog it!

Increase your bank balance and wedding fund by having a mass clear out. Take all your things to a car boot sale or jumble sale and put every penny you make into the wedding piggy bank.

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G is for Games

For great entertainment or a small budget, hire lawn games such as giant Jenga, croquet or even a bouncy castle! It will go down well with all your guests… especially after a few cocktails!

H is for Honeymoon research

Do your research before you book your honeymoon. There are plenty of websites out there that showcase the very best packages, deals and last-minute offers. The later you leave booking the better price you’ll get on your trip.

I is for Imagination

Think outside the box. No cash for table centres? Display your favours on retro cake stands. Ghastly entrance? Use white drapes to cover any eyesores.

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J is for Join our forum

You’ll find top saving tips and advice from other brides-to-be on the Wedding Ideas forum, as well as get the opportunity to buy their wedding decor second hand.

K is for Keep to the plan

When you’ve set your budget, it’s very easy to be tempted to buy the odd little extra here and there, but these details soon add up. Make sure you stick to the plan and get only what you need.

L is for lists

To-do lists are an absolute must. With so many suppliers to deal with and details to buy, don’t leave it to chance that you’ll remember everything. There’s something quite satisfying about ticking things off as you go.

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M is for Music

Every wedding needs good music to get the party going – but if a DJ is out of your price range, ask a budding rockstar friend to do a live set as their wedding gift to you.

N is for Nature

What better inspiration for your big day than the great outdoors? Hand pick flowers from your garden for your table centres, use pine cones as place card holders or fruit as favours.

O is for Old treasures

Rummage around in your cupboards and attic for old toys and treats that could be used at your wedding. Maybe an old birdcage could be painted and used for decoration, an old suitcase could be scrubbed up and used to hold the gift cards, or an old camera could be used to take old-fashioned photobooth snaps.


P is for Pom Poms

Easily made using sheets of tissue paper (the internet is packed with ‘how to’ guides), pom poms look fantastic hanging above your tables, outdoors or from the beams of your marquee, so rustle up style for pence rather than pounds.

Q is for Quality not Quantity not quantity

Don’t feel that you have to buy everything that has the word ‘wedding’ next to it. Be selective about what you buy and your wedding will look spectacular.

R is for Recommendations

If you’re at the age where all your friends and family seem to be getting engaged or married, take their advice! Ask them about the best value-for-money suppliers they’ve dealt with.

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S is for Savvy shopping

Is there a Blue Cross sale on next weekend? What about the January sales? Can you get a discount at the National Wedding Show? Hold fire on buying finishing touches until the end of season sales.

T is for Tough love

One of the biggest costs per head is the guest list. Don’t be afraid to cut distant family members and friends that come in and out of your life. It’s the toughest job, but it will save you the most money in the long run.

U is for Unpopular dates

From a Monday or Tuesday through to Friday 13th, if it isn’t on a regular weekend, it will inevitably be cheaper. Don’t be afraid to negotiate when booking your venue – they’ll probably bite your hand off!

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V is for VAT

You may think you’re getting a bargain, but often the price you see in front of you is minus tax. When this gets added in, it can all seem a lot more expensive. Make sure you check what’s included in the price before you set your heart on anything.

W is for Win

There are literally thousands of wedding-related competitions out there, so enter them all! You never know, you may land your dream honeymoon, decorations or accessories without spending a penny!

X is for X marks the spot

Entertaining children at a wedding is an added expense you could do without. Why not set up treasure hunt for them? It’ll keep them occupied for hours!

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Y is for Your day, your way

There’s no point in buying those shoes just because your mum thinks they’re perfect for you. Spend your budget how you see fit, and don’t waste it!

Z is for Zero percent

You should always protect yourself when buying things for your wedding. Use a credit card with 0% APR or maybe choose a bank that gives you cash back the more you spend.