It’s not all about wedding planning and the big day itself with Wedding Ideas – here’s our handy guide to ensure you and your husband have a long and happy marriage.

A is for Agree to disagree

Easier said than done, we know. Rather than trying to rule the roost, accept and respect each other’s opinions and move on before the conversation gets too heated and you say something you regret.

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B is for Budget

One of the biggest causes of arguments in relationships is money. Whether you’re big spenders or not, it’s important that you decide how you are going to share and spend your money from the start. One of the best compromises is to have a joint bank account where most of your money goes, but then you each have a bit to yourselves from your own pay packet every month to spend as you wish.

C is for Celebrate

A big part of a happy and healthy relationship is celebrating your partner’s achievements, no matter how small. Research shoes that couples who take pride in each other’s accomplishments have increased levels of intimacy, trust and relationship satisfaction, so congratulate him when he does well. Plus, it gives you both the chance to crack open a bottle of fizz more often!

D is for Date nights

When it comes to keeping the romance alive, date nights are one of the simplest ways to ensure quality time together. Make sure you and your partner set aside a specific night each week to eat out at your favourite restaurant or cook a delicious meal, just the two of you, and have a proper conversation.  IMG_1100

E is for Experiences

Trying new things and sharing new experiences with your hubby is a fab way to inject a little excitement into your daily routine. Make a bucket list of things you’d like to try together – be it a road trip across the States, having a splash-out meal in that fancy restaurant or learning how to samba – and work your way through them.

F is for Forgiveness

Pick your battles. If it’s not worth getting in a fight over, then just give him the benefit of the doubt and let it slide!

G is for Get away from it all

With all the pressures of a 9-5 job, it’s important that you let your hair down at the weekends. Every now and again, treat yourself to a mini weekend break or a holiday abroad. This way you can catch up on sleep and soak up some sun to get rid of any grouchiness. KM-617-ASE

H is for Hugging

You may think it mushy, but having a long, intentional hug for about 20 seconds when you come home from work helps release oxytocin, the bonding hormone. Doing this rather than mindlessly checking the post or asking what’s for dinner means you’ll get the evening off to a good start and feel closer for the rest of the night.

I is for In-Laws

When you marry your husband, you become part of his family – whether you like it or not! If the in-laws are a pain, be respectful and bite your tongue. How would you feel if your hubby hated your parents? For his sake, at least, keep it civil. Everyone will be much happier in the long run.

J is for Joint decisions

From deciding what to do at the weekend to picking out a paint colour for the spare room, all decisions that affect you both should be decided as a couple – it’s only fair. & spb-410

K is for Kiss and make up

It’s inevitable that from time to time you will have a bit of a barney, but one thing many couples get wrong is not resolving the situation afterwards. Unless it’s something really terrible, is it worth feeling rubbish about for days on end? Life’s too short – have a rule that you both go to bed as friends, with a kiss and ‘I love you’.

L is for Listening

A huge part of good communication is just listening properly to your partner. Don’t zone out or check your phone – be considerate and really listen. Sometimes being a shoulder to cry on after a hard day is enough.

M is for Make time for friends

Although it’s important that you spend time as a couple, it’s almost equally as important that you have your own time and space with friends. If you live in each other’s pockets, you won’t appreciate how much you miss each other when you’re apart. And, besides, if you need to have a bit of a moan about him, it’s the ideal time over a glass of bubbly with the girls!  Rachael&Chris_082

N is for Notes

It’s important to make sure your other half feels loved, even if you have a crazy schedule and can’t spend lots of time with him. If this happens, why not leave him little notes now and then to tell him how special he is to you?

O is for Opinions

There’s nothing worse than becoming the same person as your other half. It’s good to have your own opinion, and your other half should appreciate that you want to express your views – just make sure you respect his too!

P is for Plans

Although spontaneity is an essential part of any relationship, it’s also very important to have an idea of what your plans are for the future, in case your priorities clash. For example, if one of you wants children and the other doesn’t, this definitely needs to be discussed before you commit to a lifetime together. Stephen & Emily 162

Q is for Quieten down

If your partner has told you something in confidence, keep it to yourself, no matter how juicy! Discussing private matters with your friends or family members will only serve to break down his trust in you.

R is for Respect

Love and respect go hand in hand. Make sure your husband feels like your equal, and take his opinions and feelings as seriously as your own.

S is for Sex it up

Whether you’ve been together five months of five years, your sex life should still be as important in your relationship as it was in the beginning. Of course, it may not be as frequent as in the early days, but it’s important to keep that intimacy with your hubby, making you both feel attractive and desirable. It’s only natural that your sex drives may be different, but keep communicating to avoid any resentment.       getting ready_132

T is for Teamwork

Although you may squabble about silly things with one another, you and your partner should be a team when it comes to fighting the big issues – there’s nothing better than knowing your other half has your back.

U is for Up-to-date underwear

We’re not saying you should look like an Agent Provocateur catalogue every night, but nothing kills the mood like faded granny pants!

V is for Vocalise your thoughts

Keeping things all bottled up will lead to huge rows. If you have an issue, raise it with your hubby (calmly!) at the time, so that it doesn’t get dragged out and built up into a rage. Stephen & Emily 305

W is for Write a will

This may sound a little morbid, but it’s an essential part of marriage. If you don’t have a will, equity in both your names will not necessarily be passed to your partner, if the worst should happen. Get it ironed out from the off then enjoy the fun stuff.

X is for eX girlfriends

Jealousy is poison to a relationship, so if you’re getting antsy about a past girlfriend, it’s worth exploring your feelings with your man to solve the problem.

Y is for You time

Everyone needs their own space and time to be on their own. Take full advantage of alone time by relaxing with a glass of wine, watching a girly film or reading your favourite book! Michelle-Simon-068

Z is for Zzzz…

Studies show that couples who touch while they sleep are far happier than those who sleep far apart – as are couples who go to bed naked! Time to ditch that bunny onesie and cuddle up, we think!