You want to know something that drives brides crazy? Wedding guests doing things they shouldn’t. And why? Because guests are one of the wedding things that they can’t completely control.

Here are the worst things wedding guests do but shouldn’t. We just hope none of these happen to you!

Wear white

The age-old rule of weddings – no guests should wear white. It’s the bride’s special day, one day of a few that it’s actually okay to wear a big, white dress all day long. Why ruin it for the beautiful bride? Stick to any other colour of the rainbow to avoid, 1) confusion with the other guests about who’s wedding they’re actually attending, and 2) a very grumpy Bridezilla on your case. And try to avoid wearing the same colours as the bridesmaids while you’re at it…  LP 082


The RSVPs are there for a reason; don’t turn up on the big day without making known you’re coming. This is the same for those planning on bringing plus ones or all their children – if it wasn’t specified on the invite, make sure you ask it’s alright for you to bring someone along. And we’d listen to a bride-to-be if we were you, – you won’t like them when they’re angry…

Criticize and compare

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So what if the wedding you went to last month had a free bar or better tasting vegetables? A lot of time and effort has been put into the planning of this wedding, appreciate that you’ve been invited and celebrate the day properly! Enjoy yourself and everything the bride and groom have done!  Kylie&Alex_W_657

Switch the seating

Talking of a lot of time and effort: the table plan. Nothing will annoy the bride more than you doing switcheroo with other place names so you can sit next to whoever you fancy. It’s just not as simple as swapping or making other guests scoot round to fit you in, alright?

Drink too much

The drinks may be flowing and you may want to make the most of it, but this isn’t a night down at your local. Appreciate that this is the bride and groom’s big day – they don’t want to be dealing with guests falling asleep in their main course of the wedding breakfast. Classy.  Eve and Glen - IMG_2219

Get competitive in the flower toss

Yes, it’s a fun tradition but we don’t want to see or hear about any rugby tackles between bridesmaids when it comes to the bride tossing her bouquet

Hassle the bride and groom

Especially if you’ve made a long journey or had a difficult time to be at the wedding, you’ll probably want to at least congratulate the bride and groom face-to-face. But don’t expect a full catch-up that lasts for hours – if every guest had this in mind, there wouldn’t be nearly enough time in the day!



Social media is becoming more and more popular as time goes on, but sometimes, there’s a time and place for it. If you’re getting a bit snap happy on the wedding day, before sharing them on your Facebook or Instagrams, you must get permission from the bride first. No matter how good you look with that Insta-filter, the bride and groom may not want a live stream of their day via your photos on social media.

Remember, the bride’s in charge! But it’s not only the wedding guests that can get it wrong, we’ve got the 6 things that bridesmaids do that really annoy the bride