There are some very definite rules when sending out your wedding stationery. We’ll let the experts at The Card Gallery explain…


Start shopping as soon as possible

As soon as you’ve set a date or are considering setting a date then you need to start shopping about. Most wedding stationery suppliers offer samples, some of which can be ordered free of charge and some of which will incur a small fee.

Samples allow you to see and feel the quality of the product and also provide you with an accurate colour swatch so you can see if the colour is suitable for your special day. Along with a wide range of stationery suppliers comes a wide range of prices too.

Make sure you find one that will fit with your budget before you place an order. There will be a whole range of stationery you will need to order for your ceremony and reception which can be costly if you don’t budget for it beforehand.

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Set a theme for your big day

Save the date cards or wedding invitations give your guests an insight into the theme for your big day so try to decide this before ordering your stationery. The best way to do this is by ordering samples, creating mood boards, looking through wedding magazines and researching current trends. Eventually you will probably see one idea coming together more than another which will probably end up being the deciding factor for your theme.


Make a guest list

You have probably already decided if you want a small intimate wedding or a big wedding to share with all, but until you actually write the names down you won’t realise how many guests you really want to invite.

Counting your guests is different from counting how many invites you need to order, just remember you will only need one invitation per couple or family and a few spares for any last minute guests you may want to invite!

Research wedding invitation wording

There are many ways of wording your wedding invitations so do your research before risking a costly mistake. Wording will be different depending on who will be hosting your wedding.

In years gone by, the bride’s parents would traditionally host the wedding but nowadays there is a whole range of suitable wording to accommodate for divorced parents, remarried parents, widowed parents, as well as wording for those couples hosting their own wedding.


Confirm your ceremony and reception details

Make sure you have got complete confirmation that your ceremony and reception is booked and not double-booked before ordering your invitations. This does happen on occasion, and can be a costly mistake.

Once all your details have been confirmed you will be ready to order your formal invitations. If you want to inform your guests sooner then send save the date cards. Save the date cards do not need to include the finer details such as names of places, times of events etc … just the date and can be sent out around 6 months to a year in advance.


Order your stationery early

With so much to do and so much to think about try to allow yourself plenty of time for ordering important items like wedding invitations, order of services, table plans and place cards, otherwise mistakes can happen.

Getting things reprinted because of spelling errors or wording errors is not the best way of spending your money, or time if you’re up against the clock. Consider turnaround times and delivery times, just remember you’re not buying an ‘off the peg’ product you’re buying a product that will probably be printed to order and paying for ‘express delivery’ cannot speed up the actual printing!


Send your invitations in plenty of time

Formal wedding and evening invitations should to be sent out around 3 to 6 months before the date of your wedding. This allows your guests time to send those much needed RSVPs so you can start planning seating arrangements and confirm catering numbers with your venue.

You may also find out that some guests will unfortunately not be able to make your wedding day, so you may want to consider inviting people off your ‘substitute’ list (although don’t tell them this!).

The Card Gallery has been helping wedding couples with their wedding stationery for the past 10 years. They offer a range of over 90 wedding invitation designs, all of which are part of a matching range, as well as lots of advice and ideas on the latest colours, trends and ideas for wedding invitations and stationery wording.