If you’re anything like us, you probably rely heavily on your mobile phone for just about everything, and when you’re planning your big day you could find that your phone really comes into its own and becomes your portable pocket wedding planner!


That’s because there are some incredibly useful wedding planning apps about right now that can help you through every step of your nuptial journey.

We’ve rounded up seven apps that have caught our eye – they can help you with everything from finding your perfect church and sticking to your diet, to choosing the ideal dress and even keeping track of your spending.

If you’ve any you think should be added to the list, please leave a comment below and we’ll investigate!

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Betjeman’s Best British Churches

If you want to get married in church and are looking for your dream venue then this is an ideal tool to help you find your dream location. You choose the area where you want to get married and the app tells you what’s available, with a description and photographs for each entry. Perfect!

Only £4.99 from the iTunes Store

Amanda Wakeley Wedding Planner

From a sophisticated wedding dress designer, this app is classy, elegant but also really useful. It’s beautifully designed and helps you to break down all your wedding planning essentials – everything from your initial invitations, to what to wear underneath your wedding dress! You can take pictures, create an online scrapbook, organise appointments, share information with your friends and save your valuable new contacts.

Just £2.99 from the App store

Wedding Dress Look Book

A fantastically helpful app that helps you to choose a wedding dress that’s just right for your style and figure. You can choose different shapes of dress – from cocktail to fishtail – and cross reference them by designer and price. You can save your favourites to share them with your bridesmaids and mum, so you can ask their opinions.

We think this app will save you a lot of time visiting the shops – you can compile a shortlist and then go out and have a mammoth trying-on session.

Free on the iTunes store

Wedding Budget app

Keeping to your budget in the run-up to your wedding day can be somewhat of a challenge and you may be tempted to overspend. You can keep tabs on everything with this handy app, which tracks your spending and lets you know how much is left in the wedding kitty in an easy-to-read graph format. You can split your expenditure into different sections, such as entertainment, dress, venue hire, food, whatever you fancy. If you pick up a bargain somewhere you can spend the money you’ve saved elsewhere and if you’re spending too much then you’ll be aware, so you shouldn’t receive a nasty shock when the bank statement or credit card bill arrives.

Plan your wedding budget for free!


Wedding 911 by The Knot

We think this app is fabulous for etiquette queries. When should we cut the cake? How should we line up for our wedding photographs? The sections are split into ceremony, etiquette, fashion beauty and saving £££s. If you’re feeling a little stressed and need somewhere to turn, then this app will ‘hold your hand’ and see you through. Ask it a question at 3am in the morning when you can’t sleep and it won’t mind – your chief bridesmaid might, though!

Get it now, for free!

My Fitness Pal

If you’re looking to lose a bit of weight, shape up and get fit for your wedding day then take a look at this app. You can set yourself a daily calorie goal, then add what you’re eating and minus calories when you exercise. You’ll get a motivational graph that tracks your weight loss showing how it goes down (and possibly up) and you can share your progress with your friends and family if you want to.

Download it for free here!

The Wedding Ideas Magazine app

Okay, so we know it’s ours but we designed this app after our readers cried out for one! You can now get a digital version of your favourite bridal mini-mag every month to read on your iPhone or iPad, so you can always have your favourite wedding articles to hand.

Download it from the App store today!