The 6 Signs Of A Wedding Guest From Hell

Nothing beats a good wedding but how many times have you been to a lavish do only to find yourself watching in horror as the wedding guest from hell breaks every rule in the wedding etiquette book?

According to new research by hair and beauty site, one in 20 of us, have at some point, made a glaring wedding error, whether that’s wearing white, arriving late or having one too many glasses of fizz. Most of us only make that mistake once and very quickly learn the rules of being the perfect wedding guest. Here are six quick don’ts so you can avoid being that wedding guest!

Don’t… over heckle!

The best man’s speech can go either way but what he really doesn’t need is a guest heckling throughout. You may think you’re being funny. Others will probably think you’re acting the fool and ruining his moment to shine. So think twice before you pipe up and keep your thoughts to yourself.

Don’t… upstage the bride

A wedding is all about the bride and groom – not you – so whatever you do, don’t try to steal the limelight and put yourself centre stage. As a good wedding guest you should be on your very best behaviour, demure and acting like a real lady or gentleman.

Don’t… use your phone

It’s second nature now to take a snap on your phone and post it straight on social media but think twice before you do it at a wedding. It’s not up to you to reveal the photos to the world – that’s a job for the bride and groom or one of the close wedding party. Plus, the bride may want to wait until the official photos are back before letting any shots of the day into the public domain. Ask her permission before you post!

Don’t… wear white

This is the one day in the fashion calendar when white outfits are definitely out. The bride wears white so that’s a big no-no for guests. Yes, we know some celebs have recently ignored this basic rule but etiquette states you should wear another shade. If you’re unsure about your outfit, check out our wedding guest outfit guide and be sure NOT to wear any of these 7 things on the day… 

Don’t… arrive late

The bride arrives late, not the guests, so give yourself plenty of time to get to the wedding venue. Running in just before the bride isn’t acceptable – try to be there half an hour before the ceremony starts. This will give you time to catch up with friends, and find somewhere to sit.

Don’t… overdo the drink

A wedding is not the time to binge drink – so keep a rein on the glasses of bubbly you knock back. You want to wake up the next morning and remember the great day – not sink your head in shame and embarrassment because you did or said something you’d rather forget.

Need more etiquette help? Take a look at our Planning section now. If you’re a bridesmaid, do you know what jobs you should be doing on the day? If not, find out here.


  1. Helping my hubby who is a wedding photographer, I can say at most weddings at least one guest thinks it’s ok to wear white. I think it’s rude. Tbh the ones who usually wear white are the ones who like to cause drama and a lot of them look a bit mutton dressed as lamb.

  2. From my experience as a photographer I hear some guests take exception to not having their kids invited. To be fair the B&G are paying around £50 a head so to invite everyone’s children isn’t really an option for most…

  3. We had people say they were definitely coming, have the cheek to ask if they could bring their partners (we were paying by the head here) we said yes, then they just didn’t even turn up no messages to say they couldn’t make it or anything we weren’t happy

  4. We had two couples who had rsvp’d just not bother turning up, which is just annoying at £50 a head, we haven’t received wedding cards from them either (I wouldn’t expect a gift but a card apologising for not coming would be nice!)

  5. None of these things would have bothered me at all. Couldn’t care less what people wore or how much they drank as long as they were having fun. But the RSVP thing did – not nessecarily not replying as i forget to reply sometimes myself and a gentle reminder doesn’t hurt anybody, but when a guest who said they will definitely be there just doesn’t bother turning up to a meal that you’ve already paid upwards of £50 for, it’s awful. Xxx

  6. Not RSVPing on time. We were chasing certain individuals up to the week before when we’d given the RSVP cut off date as a month before…. With all the other last min preparations it was annoying, frustrating and stressful! It also meant that it was too late to bump up evening do guests to day guests as they had already made plans. Was very frustrating.


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