Sure, wedding planning has its moments where you want someone else to take charge and do it for you, but it’s full of special moments and feelings you’ll never, ever forget. Here are just a few we’re sure every bride-to-be will agree with…

Telling everyone you’re engaged

It genuinely won’t get old, not even if you have a huge gap between the question being popped and the big day actually happening. You don’t want to miss any chance at showing off your ring, telling the proposal story, and just genuinely beaming about your husband-to-be – even if you’ve told the same people four times…  Nonsuch-314

Starting up Pinterest

Say ‘hello’ to every bride-to-be’s best friend for amazing wedding inspiration – next to Wedding Ideas, of course. Signing up, starting up a Pinterest board named ‘Wedding’, or finally being able to stop being secretive about that wedding board you started within months (or weeks) of your relationship, equals one very excited bride-to-be. From inspiration to DIY ideas, you’ll find it!  Matt and Molly's Gloucestershire Tipi Wedding by Bigeye Photography Disc 1 (24 of 338)

Finding the perfect dress

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Some brides-to-be find the whole of the wedding dress shopping experience lots of fun, but we’re well aware some don’t – whether it’s because you hate shopping or your search seems to be going nowhere. BUT, we know for a fact that finding that perfect dress is a magical moment. Smiles, tears, and lots of looking at yourself in the mirror are guaranteed. Natalie & Mark-104

Partying on the hen party

This is a time all of your best girlfriends – from school, from uni, from home – can all come together in one big party, all to celebrate you getting married before the big day itself! Plan it right and you will have the best time. Stuck for ideas? Check out our A-Z of hen party ideas!  Wedding-HighRes-127

Getting ready on the morning of the wedding

It will be a combination of excitement, nerves, and a little more excitement. Getting ready the morning of the wedding you’ll have your lovely bridesmaids, your family, your glass of champagne, and you’ll be spoilt! It’s finally your big day! 265

Walking down the aisle

This is it, this is the moment every bride-to-be waits for! Seeing her future hubby at the end of the aisle – most likely in awe of how beautiful you look – waiting to say ‘I do’. It would be impossible for anyone not to feel like a princess in a moment like this. Sophie & Max Colour-109

And that’s it, you’re not a bride-to-be anymore. But don’t worry, there are plenty more special moments to come; from the first introduction as Mr and Mrs, to the rest of your lives together – n’aww. Those that are still future brides-to-be for now though, you might relate to some of these questions that every engaged couple hear