Keep your bridal party sweet for your wedding day by organising a great hen party with the help of these top tips and resolutions…

The surprise element

Should the hen party be a surprise or arranged by the bride? With most hen nights, the bride is usually consulted on the basics – the date, time, invite list, and where it will start. But saying that, a surprise party can be a fun idea, depending on the bride’s personality. Would you be happy to go with the flow or would you insist on knowing everything about the celebrations beforehand? It’s good to have some elements of surprise – after all, what are hen nights for?

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The mother of the bride

Mothers wants to be with their daughters every step of the way, but would a hen party consisting of a tacky, drunken night out and the possibility of male strippers be up her street? It’s always good to consider the mother-of-the-bride in the hen party plans. Maybe if you are planning a night out that you’re sure she wouldn’t be interested in, think about doing something prior or after it – like a spa day or a fancy cocktail bar. 262_vicky-robin

The stripper question

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When you think hen party, you think stripper – it’s a common image, but not necessarily one that everyone takes on. So it’s a question whether you feel loyal to the stereotype of a fun and wild hen party night, or want something a bit different. Again, it depends on the personality of the bride, and the hens, too.

The party time

The idea of extending the hen party into a whole weekend is becoming more and more popular – one night just isn’t enough. A weekend allows you more time to party and to perhaps explore a place you’ve never seen before. Naturally, hen weekends of travelling and sightseeing can be more expensive, so you need to judge whether people can afford or will be willing to pay for it.   Philip and Rebecca-772

The I-don’t-know-where-to-go

Lost for location inspiration? Websites like TripAdvisor are great – letting you know the top places, as well as pricing and other reviews. If you’re unsure because of the mesh of hen personalities, you’re best to just decide a simple cuisine, like Italian or American, and leave it to that. Too many cooks can spoil a broth, and too many hens’ opinions can over-complicate a hen party!

If you’re still stuck for hen party ideas – where to go, what to do, what games to play – we’ve got all that, and more, right here.