You’re the bride, so it’s your day and it’s going your way. But you’ve got to remember that wedding planning stress can easily stretch to the bridal party, too. Here are the five worst nightmares that might just be keeping your bridesmaids up at night on the run up to your big day…

Dress dilemmas

The most obvious, and probably the most important – the bridesmaid dresses. Don’t let your ladies wear something that doesn’t suit them, or something that they don’t feel comfortable in. At the end of the day, it’s only going to look bad when you look back at your wedding photos in the future – who wants to see a frowning bridesmaid in a frilly frock? Emily&Phil-130

Hen do disaster

If you’ve handed the hen party planning reins over to your chief bridesmaid, just go with the flow. Whatever she’s got in store for you, have an open mind and don’t complain about her efforts. At least it’s one thing that you haven’t had to think about!

Overdoing the DIY

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DIY details add a personal touch and can save you £££s but do think about the people that have to help you. Your bridesmaids can help out to an extent, but don’t expect them to be smiling when you’re telling them they’ll be sewing for weeks on end. Plan one or two craft evenings and  get some wine and snacks involved, too! Jo & Jim's Wedding Vintage Edits by Rebecca Douglas Photography 095

Out-of-season outfits

Make sure you dress your maids to suit the season, whether it’s cold or warm. You don’t want to see your bridesmaids uncomfortable while they’re sweating in the heat, or shivering in the snow. If you’re having a beachy, summer wedding, opt for something floaty for your girls – we love a boho look. And what better excuse to bring out some fur or lacy jackets than a winter wedding? 13090101_168

Dealing with a bridezilla

Your bridesmaids will understand that planning a wedding will be busy for you, but they’re probably thinking about just how stressed you’re going to get. A calm bride will equal calm bridesmaids, so try to get yourself a plan before you hand out duties to them.

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