That’s What She Said: A Stag Party Game For The Groom-to-be

Organising a stag party which is original and offers something a little different from the norm is no easy task, so how about adding you own stag party game ? Party experts StagWeb have the perfect thing for you.

With a few quiet words with the bride-to-be ahead of the event, you can set up a brilliant game to amuse the lads and torture the groom, all with the bride’s blessing.

That's What She Said: A Stag Party Game For The Groom-to-be

Set up

  • Ask the bride-to-be the questions before the stag weekend so you can add the correct answers
  • Prepare prize/forfeits for the groom depending on how he scores

“Good afternoon and welcome to That’s What She Said, the game show for grooms who really should know better… Is [the groom] really ready to tie the knot? Does he know [the bride] as well as he should? There’s only one way to find out in a thrilling edition of That’s What She Said.”

10 points for every correct answer – let’s play!

We asked the bride what part of you she most fancied. Did she say…

  • Your bum
  • Your smile
  • [Real answer]
  • Nothing much, you’re more like an old faded T-shirt that she doesn’t have the heart to throw out

What did she say is your most irritating habit?

  • Singing badly and thinking you sound great
  • [Real answer]
  • You have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Lorraine Kelly
  • You want to BE Lorraine Kelly

What is the one phrase the bride says best describes you?

  • Hard working
  • Irritating
  • [Real answer]
  • You’ve got a really big… heart

Can you name her favourite song, her favourite movie and her favourite book? [10 points each]

  • Song –
  • Movie –
  • Book –

How does she describe your kissing technique?

  • Firm and manly
  • [Real answer]
  • Soft, strong and incredibly long
  • Like having your face attached to a broken vacuum cleaner

What did she says was the kinkiest thing you’ve asked her to do during some ‘alone time’?

  • Talk in a foreign accent
  • Wear a [football team] kit
  • [Real answer]
  • Pretend to be your old maths teacher


Which of these did the bride say you have asked her to dress up as?

  • [Real answer]
  • Nurse
  • Teacher
  • Lorraine Kelly

According to the bride, what’s your best quality?

  • Your kind nature
  • You’re a generous and giving lover
  • [Real answer]
  • She said she’d have to get back to us on that one…

Who did the bride say you are most scared of? Her…

  • father
  • mother
  • sister
  • grandma

What did she really think of you when you first met?

  • [Real answer]
  • You were really full of yourself
  • It was love at first sight
  • Either this bloke’s not quite the full ticket or this is a hidden camera show

How did she rate you as a lover?

  • Off the scale!
  • [Real answer]
  • Work in progress
  • Brief and unadventurous (but makes a nice cup of tea afterwards)

Finally, did the bride have any last instructions for your stag party?

  • None at all, just have fun
  • [Real answer]
  • I know you’d rather have gone to a health spa but try to enjoy yourself
  • Just don’t let them tie you naked to anything
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0-40 – Hmm, perhaps we’d better not reveal how badly you’ve done to your intended. For answering so badly, you will now be required to wear this fancy dress costume for the entire evening.

50-100 – It could have been worse, but it also should have been a whole lot better. So we’re not allowing you back in the pub until you’ve earned enough money by busking to buy a half pint.

110-150 – Not bad, not great but not bad. However owing to the girly nature of some of your answers, you’ll have to drink the girly cocktail of our choosing tonight.

160-170 – You played a great game! As a prize your future wife has asked us to pass on this letter to you, from her.

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