As every discerning bride knows, your wedding is one of the biggest days of your adult life and the pressure is on to organise the most enjoyable, impressive day for you, your hubby-to-be and your guests…

There are a lot of people to please and we know that wedding planning can be stressful; even the minor details of your big day can start taking over your life! It’s always the little things that take the most time, and can be a distraction from the most fun and romantic elements of the organisation process.


However, over recent years, the rise of the Sharing Economy and On-Demand Economy has ushered in an influx of apps and services that allow busy brides to outsource all those little jobs and servives that allow busy brides to outsource all those little jobs which are essential to organising the big day.

There’s nothing like a battle with a taxi firm when organising transfers for your guests to take away your pre-wedding glow – so glamorous! Whilst not everyone can, or wants to, employ a wedding planner (planning the big day is part of the fun isn’t it?), an extra helping hand can be a lifesaver.

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Whilst we all have plenty of enthusiastic friends and family, relationships can become strained in the run up to the wedding as stress-levels rise and sometimes you just want a job done with no questions.

Thankfully TaskRabbit is here to save brides, providing on-demand assistants from their local area to take on the tasks they’d rather leave to someone else. Available on iOS, Android, and online, this app will help time-poor brides by offering them a team of talented individuals (Taskers) who have the skills to do almost anything from the start of wedding planning.


The ‘Taskers’ talents include:

  • Researching details for the big day – initial costs for venues, accommodation for guests, or finding the perfect wedding band
  • Pulling together mood boards for colour schemes
  • Fight your battles with caterers
  • Handwriting place cards and addressing invitations
  • Organising transport for guests
  • Getting hands on with wedding favours
  • Creating beautiful (and reasonably priced) deco for the venue
  • Getting the best deal on posh porta-loos (!)
  • Uncorking bottles on the day and bartending
  • Chaperoning the car park
  • Providing the perfect soundtrack to your day as DJ
  • Visiting the home of a loved one who was unable to attend the wedding, and, with an iPad, can FaceTime with the bride and groom from there (for the less tech-savvy!)
  • Creating the most beautiful bespoke photo album as a memento of the day

task-rabbit-app-Wedding Favours

Not one task is too big or wacky for a Tasker – just brief them online, or even on your smartphone and reclaim the time you would have lost. This way you’ll be able to dedicate more of your precious hours to finding the perfect dress, safe in the knowledge that the job is getting done.

For busy, time-pushed brides, outsourcing some of that very long to-do list can be a saving grace! So avoid any awkward agreements about your auntie’s handsewn bunting and make the process a little less stressful with TaskRabbit.