Are your bridesmaids avoiding your calls because they can’t face another wedding meltdown? Does your fiancé pretend to fall asleep when you start talking about colour schemes? Have you forgotten what life was like before you started planning your big day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it sounds like we might be too late!

The stress of planning your wedding means it’s easier to become a bridezilla than you think. Take our quiz and find out if you’ve entered bridezilla territory… Kathryn and Phil 0015

1. Your hubby-to-be asks for a weekend off from wedding planning. Do you…

a) Remember that you haven’t even booked the venue yet, but that can wait, can’t it?
b) Check if there is anything urgent that needs to be done, and agree that it would be nice to have a weekend free of wedding planning.
c) Scream ‘NO WAY’ and question how dedicated he is to planning the most important day of your life.

2. Your bridesmaid tells you she’s pregnant 5 months before the wedding. Do you…

a) Give her a big hug and scream with excitement – the wedding doesn’t even cross your mind!
b) Tell her how happy for her you are, whilst secretly worrying about whether her bridesmaid dress will fit.
c) Say congratulations, but it’s probably best if she isn’t a bridesmaid anymore. She’ll understand.

Continue reading below… Becky & Mark 002

3. Your groom says that he doesn’t like the colour scheme you’ve chosen. Do you…

a) Tell him to choose what he wants and you’ll go for that instead – you don’t mind!
b) Feel a bit disappointed, but sit down with him to find another option you both like.
c) Tell him it’s tough! It’s your wedding day and you know what will look the best.

4. Your mother-in-law offers to make your wedding cake as a wedding gift. You say…

a) That’s so kind, lets keep it a surprise until the big day.
b) Thank you! These are the ideas I’d have in mind…
c) No thanks, I’d rather a professional did it. ToddandMooreDJ221.fw

5. Two of your bridesmaids look great in their dresses, while the other two feel uncomfortable in them. You…

a) Tell the two that aren’t happy that they can choose their own dresses.
b) Figure out what alterations will make them more comfortable while still making sure they wear the dress you chose.
c) Tell them to like it or lump it! The dresses cost a fortune, so they should be grateful and keep quiet!

6. You’ve DIY-ed your favours with your mum and bridesmaids, but some of the ribbons are off centre. You…

a) Leave it, no one will notice the difference anyway.
b) Wait until your family have gone home and quickly change the ones you’re unhappy with.
c) Demonstrate how they’re meant to look, and insist your family redo them IMMEDIATELY.

7. Your RSVP deadline passed yesterday, but several people have not got back to you. So you…

a) They’re all going to turn up, they’ve just forgotten to reply so it’s nothing to worry about.
b) Send a quick text to people giving them a gentle nudge just to be sure they are able to make it.
c) Send an email to those who didn’t reply and say they are no longer allowed to attend your wedding.

8. You’ve found your dream wedding dress but it’s way over than your planned budget. Do you…

a) Choose a cheaper dress, it’s only one day after all.
b) Decide to cut back on flowers, decorations and your wedding shoes so you can accommodate the dress into your budget.
c) Call your fiancé and demand he pays for it. C&TWED 009

9. Your florist has said that they can’t use peonies in your wedding bouquet as they’re out of season. Do you…

a) Say that’s fine, you don’t really mind what flowers are in your bouquet!
b) Find alternative flowers for your wedding bouquet.
c) Get really annoyed and say you’re going elsewhere, and you’ll get peonies in your bouquet no matter how much it costs!

10. Your dad has hinted that he has a few surprises in his speech. You…

a) Wonder what he’s got up his sleeve – how exciting!
b) Are a little worried so try to get your mum to find out if there is anything offensive in there!
c) Give your dad a checklist of what he can and can’t say, and if he doesn’t stick to it, his speech will be cancelled.

11. It’s your wedding day and the band don’t turn up. You…

a) Don’t panic – you have a playlist on hand to keep guests entertained.
b) Get annoyed but quickly organise a dance floor area and plug your iPod in.
c) Go into meltdown, and lock yourself in the bathroom in tears because you’re so upset. EVERYTHING IS RUINED. Rich and Cerri's Wedding (375 of 668).fw

Mostly As

You’re a… Laidback lady

Nothing seems to faze you, you’re so laidback you’re almost horizontal! Although it’s great you don’t stress easily, don’t be too relaxed – make sure you keep on top of your organisation or you could have a wedding disaster on your hands.

Mostly Bs

You’re a… Balanced bride

Your wedding is important to you, but you don’t let it take over your life. You do get stressed sometimes, but on the whole you’re level-headed. Next time you feel stressed, take five minutes to remind yourself what’s important – the celebration of your love, not the chair covers!

Mostly Cs

You’re a… Bridezilla!

You’ve officially become a bridezilla! You can’t help but get seriously annoyed when people don’t listen to your exact instructions, and get frustrated when you get criticised or questioned. It’s your day, yes, but you need to put things into perspective. Is it worth falling out with your friends and family? And remember, it’s your h2b’s day, too!

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