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Will you let your groom see your wedding dress before the big day, or will you stick to tradition and superstition, keeping it all top secret?

Should your Groom see Your Wedding Dress?

It’s a given that your dream dress will be discovered in the company of your best girls, be that your mum, sisters or friends,...

Tired of wedding traditions? Here are 3 you can skip!

When you're a relaxed kind of gal or groom, planning a relaxed kind of wedding, the rigid traditions attached to weddings can feel more...
These potentially awkward wedding traditions might slip by seamlessly, but they're worth considering if you want to avoid giggles or it getting awkward!

3 potentially awkward wedding traditions

Wedding traditions - love them or loathe them, they've certainly made their mark. Whether you'll be tucking a sixpence into your shoe or you're...

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