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Seven Things a Wedding Guest Should Never Wear

If you're a wedding guest, this one's for you! The happy couple have made the effort to invite you to the best day of...

The 12 Golden Rules of Wedding hat Etiquette

Getting the perfect hat for a wedding can be tricky. Whether you're the mother of the bride, mother of the groom or a wedding...
Wedding Entertainment Ideas that Your Guests Won't Forget - dance

Wedding Entertainment Ideas: Your Ultimate Guide

Despite your big day being one of the only days in your life when everything is about you, keeping your guests happy is also... LP 082

Wedding guest outfit etiquette: What to wear to a wedding

Wedding guest outfit etiquette: What to wear to a wedding Deciding what to wear to a wedding is no mean feat, especially when the wardrobe...

This is how much guests spend on average attending friends’ weddings...

Credit: iStock   We all love a wedding, but boy – they can be expensive! You better start saving your pennies now if you...
Be the best summer wedding guest with the tips in this guide. From dresses to etiquette, we've got you covered.

Summer Wedding Guests Survival Guide

Help is here for summer wedding guests of 2018! Whether the wedding you attend is set to be sizzling or overcast, this survival guide will...

Here’s how much it actually costs to be a bridesmaid in...

It’s such an honour being asked to be a bridesmaid – it is, after all, the biggest day of the bride’s life, and she...
We bet each wedding guest costs more than you think, for both you and the guest! But that doesn't mean you shouldn't invite lots of them...

How much does a wedding guest actually cost?

Chances are you’ve attended a few weddings before, so you’ll know the feeling of excitement when the invitation comes through the door. And then...

The 6 Signs Of A Wedding Guest From Hell

The 6 Signs Of A Wedding Guest From Hell Nothing beats a good wedding but how many times have you been to a lavish do...
Will you be attending a wedding this season? Here's your style guide of dresses to be a beautifully dressed summer wedding guest

What to wear if you’re a summer wedding guest

Spring has left a spring in our steps as summer starts to take off, and with it, peak wedding season. One thing there'll be more...
Wedding guests will find the dress code differs between weddings, but follow these outfit rules and you'll know what to wear to look the part

5 outfit rules all wedding guests need to follow

If you're reading this, then you've already got brownie points for being one of the best wedding guests. Even better if you follow the...

A luxurious getaway and wedding location on the doorstep of the...

Perfect for golfers, spa lovers (that's lovers of spas as well as lovers who go to spas) and of course for weddings, we headed... Michelle-Simon-515

3 people that you can cut immediately from your wedding guest...

A lot of couples really struggle when it comes to deciding who should be at their wedding day, without breaking up families and friendships,... RC220314-370

Watch out for these wedding guests on their phones…

It's one of the biggest days of people's lives, but an increasing number of wedding guests are tuning out as their friends and family walk... 2013-07-27 00370

How to keep your wedding guests cool this summer

We love a good summer wedding – especially when the sun does actually shine. But it's important to know how to beat the heat... Elizabeth + Graham {Pembroke Lodge Wedding)-610

9 savvy seating plan tips to save you stress

Having an organised seating plan at your wedding helps everything to run smoothly, and means your guests can avoid the mad panic of trying... Lucy&Jon494

Top 14 cringeworthy things that wedding guests get wrong

Falling foul of the unwritten rules of wedding day etiquette may be easier than most of us realise – don't be one of these... alexa_loy_photography-1093

7 things to consider when involving your pet at your wedding

Couples involving their beloved pets at their weddings is becoming an increasingly common trend. However, as any animal lover will know, pets can be... Hollie&Paul-509

7 easy ways to be the best wedding guest

It's not only the bride, groom and the rest of the bridal party that have responsibilities for this wedding, you know… We've had a...

15 things to wear if you’re a wedding guest this summer

As a wedding guest, interpreting the dress code can be pretty tricky but there are some simple rules to always follow: never wear anything...

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