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jelly bean wedding favours

You can now get prosecco-flavoured jelly beans as wedding favours

If you’re struggling to find the perfect wedding favours, did you know that you can now get prosecco-flavoured jelly beans? Yes, this is the real...

Elegant and edible DIY favours for the baking bride-to-be!

Are you contemplating edible DIY wedding favours? We are huge fans of the idea, read on and you'll find out why. The Boho Baker: Lavender...
Wedding favours that won't be wasted need to have a use beyond looking pretty. Here, we bring you all the ideas you need to do it on budget and in style!

How to choose your wedding favours

You don’t need to be the disgruntled couple who spent their hard earned cash on wedding favours, only for them to be left behind. The...
Don't want to fork out for your wedding favours only for them to be left on the tables at the end of the night? Here are seven that definitely won't be...

4 wedding favours that won’t be left behind

We hear it all the time; disgruntled brides telling us that they spent a small fortune finding the perfect wedding favours, only for half...

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