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Seven Things a Wedding Guest Should Never Wear

If you're a wedding guest, this one's for you! The happy couple have made the effort to invite you to the best day of...

Father of the bride speech rules for 2018

Fathers of the brides are no longer shackled by out-dated etiquette but there’s certainly more pressure on you dads to be funny. Here, the...
The A-Z of British Wedding Traditions and Etiquette

The A-Z of British Wedding Traditions and Etiquette

Keep your big day classic with British wedding traditions and learn how to use traditional wedding etiquette to suit your big day. We've rounded...
From the speeches to the honeymoon, almonds to rice and walking down the aisle to wearing white, see how you score in the wedding etiquette quiz

Wedding Etiquette Quiz: Just How Well Will You Do?

Welcome to the Wedding Ideas wedding etiquette quiz! We've rounded up a whole host of traditions to test your knowledge with. Some are simple,...
These potentially awkward wedding traditions might slip by seamlessly, but they're worth considering if you want to avoid giggles or it getting awkward!

3 potentially awkward wedding traditions

Wedding traditions - love them or loathe them, they've certainly made their mark. Whether you'll be tucking a sixpence into your shoe or you're...
Wedding etiquette - Who should pay for what?

Wedding etiquette – Who should pay for what?

When it comes to wedding etiquette and budget, should Mums and Dads still pick up the big day bill? Should the bride and groom...