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12 Days of Wedding Planning: The Wedding Cake

What is a celebration without cake? And balloons for that matter, but we'll discuss that another day. This is one of the biggest celebrations...

How To DIY Your Cake With Flowers!

So you want to know how to DIY your wedding cake with flowers? Look no further. Decorating your own wedding cake can either be...

Wedding Cake Tiers, Sizes and Servings: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you dream of decorating your own budget one-tier wonder, or you want a towering masterpiece created for your wedding reception, it’s time to...
The Great British Bake Off is once again filling our screens with baked delights, here are the Great British Bake Off wedding cakes from Nadia and Frances

Wedding cakes inspired by The Great British Bake Off

Are you looking for some showstopper inspiration? Who better to inspire you than the contestants from the Great British Bake Off?  The Great British Bake...

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