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Can children give speeches at weddings? Older children might embrace the moment to raise a glass and say a few words, but for littler ones, try these ideas

Can children give speeches at weddings?

Wedding breakfasts are characterised by a slew of speeches, traditionally given by the groom, the father of the bride and the best man. But,...
Edible, interactive and fun for almost every age group - these are six budget-friendly buys that will keep kids entertained on your wedding day!

Buy these 6 budget-friendly things to keep kids entertained on your...

How to keep kids entertained – it’s a question we encounter a lot here at Wedding Ideas. Often, our featured couples have a few...
Five things to do now to tell guests that their children aren't invited WITHOUT offending them, so that you can have a child-free wedding day

How to tell people that children aren’t invited to your wedding

Guest lists; as if sorting your invitation list wasn’t hard enough, many couples are faced with the challenge of telling their friends that their...

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