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12 Days of Wedding Planning: Your Bridesmaids

A blissful blur of pampering, dreamy dresses and Champagne toasts, surrounded by your bridesmaids – is this how you’re imagining your wedding morning? Planning Your...

What no one Told you About Picking Bridesmaid Dresses

When you're calling the shots on your bridesmaids dresses, your decisions have the potential of causing some conflict. If you're not careful, what you thought...
Use these 7 expert tips from our Deputy Editor to make bridesmaid dress shopping easy, plus go behind the scenes as she chooses her own!

Dress To Impress: Our Deputy Editor On Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Deputy Editor, Becci Clubb reveals how she ticked another element off her wedding to-do list: dressing the bridesmaids.   No matter how many bridesmaids you have...

The must-see multiway dress makeover!

  Flexible, fun, but often floor-length, if you absolutely love the multiway dress trend for your bridesmaids but want something a little different, we’ve found...

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