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Mother of the Bride Etiquette: What not to do

Mother of the Bride Etiquette: What not to do

How involved should the mother of the bride or groom be with the wedding day? If you're worried she's in danger of taking over,...
Black Friday Hen Party

Cyber Monday 2018: Hen Party Offers

Planning a hen party takes time and plenty of budgeting. If you're a considerate bridesmaid, you'll be trying to throw the best hen do...
Want to know what really went through a bride's mind before she asked you to be her bridesmaids? Now's your chance to find out...

24 Thoughts Brides Have When Choosing Their Bridesmaids

If you're reading this, you probably made your best friend's bridal squad. But, do you really know why she chose you to be one...
When you have a huge group of friends, a brilliant sister and future sister-in-law, choosing your bridal squad isn't as easy as you might think...

How Our Deputy Editor Chose Her Bridal Squad

Becci Clubb begins to choose her bridal party and finds it’s not as simple as you might think… Plus be inspired by her super cute...
How to tackle parental pressure, expectations and personalities to pick the best bridesmaids ever, so that you can get hitched without a hitch!

How to choose your bridesmaids

On the best day of your life you want your best girls by your side. It sounds so simple, so why does choosing your... Jessica & Luke Colour-451

What NOT to expect from your bridesmaids

There's no bond quite like the bride and her bridesmaids – they are the bride's right hand ladies, from the phone call spilling the... Jenny&James 558

The responsibilities of every member of the bridal party

Planning a wedding is a pretty daunting task for any bride and groom, which is why traditionally the bridal party have a number of...

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