Are you a vintage bride who loves the iconic images of the 1950s? Take a look at this beautifully refined 1950s wedding photoshoot from photographer Bruce Gordon, inspired by Fifties fashion photography and hit show Mad Men!


Photographer Bruce has loved the glamorous 1950s aesthetic ever since studying Graphic Design at art college, and was determined to recreate this classic style in wedding photoshoot.

“I took a lot of my inspiration from the 1950s fashion photographers such as Norman Parkinson, Irving Penn and Louise Dahl-Wolfe, whose work influenced a generation of budding photographers including myself,” says Bruce. “Their photographs frequently featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair, and featured iconic celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. I wanted to replicate that elegant, refined style but without breaking the bank.”


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The setting had to be perfect for such a classic look, and after visiting a few venues Bruce came across The Pines Hotel and Restaurant near Chorley, Lancashire, a sought-after local wedding venue. “I knew straight away that it was perfect for what I wanted – the décor, fixtures and fittings were all in keeping with that period,” says Bruce. “It could have easily been mistaken for the interior of New York’s famous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel!”


As well as shooting in the hotel’s renowned Haworth Restaurant, Bruce also captured images in the luxurious Haworth Bridal Suite. “I felt this beautiful, bright room with its cream carpets and Baroque furniture absolutely complemented the bride’s outfit,” says Bruce. “It completely embodied the mood and period style I was looking for!”


Retro hairstyle specialist Sarah Heys created the stunning hair and makeup look for the shoot, complete with the perfect red lip. “We discussed styles and decided on a modern take on the classic beehive look,” says Bruce. “The makeup needed to be of the time, very clean pastel shades with that characteristic red lipstick that would make the lips really stand out. We even added a beauty spot as a salute to the renowned Fifties model Jean Patchett, whose trademark beauty spot and doe-eyed look set a trend for the era.”


The bride’s vintage-inspired dress and petticoat were from retro online boutique Lindy Bop, who sell gorgeous 1950s-style dresses, and the satin gloves and handmade jewellery were supplied by Foxglove Occasions, who create bespoke one-off pieces from pre-loved antique accessories.

“With a few clever touches, you can definitely replicate this classy, elegant style on a budget,” says Bruce. “It’s all in the details!”

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Photography: Bruce Gordon Photography

Hair and Makeup: Sarah Heys

Location: The Pines Hotel and Restaurant

Gloves and Jewellery: Foxglove Occasions

Dress: Lindy Hop

Shoes: Next

Umbrella: Jollybrolly