According to new research conducted by photobook website MyMemory just over half of brides claimed to be annoyed by their friends and guests uploading snaps of their big day onto social media sites like Facebook without having the chance to vet them first.

survery-suggests-that-brides-are-unhappy-with-pictures-put-on-facebookMyMemory interviewed 1,112 brides who have married in the last two years and a huge 78% of them said that photos of their wedding appeared online without their approval after the event. Furthermore, 66% of the brides polled claimed that they were unhappy with the way they looked in their wedding photographs.

Rebecca Huggler, co-founder of MyMemory commented on the findings:

“Wedding photographs are a huge aspect of remembering your big day, and with this study we really wanted to look into how brides themselves felt about theirs after the big day. To see that as many as half felt annoyed by others uploading snaps onto social media is quite telling; many brides evidently have an idea of how they want their wedding photographs to be shared, and guests uploading them before they get the chance to see them isn’t ideal.”

We think this shows even more how important your wedding photographer is. A good wedding photographer will know exactly how to capture you at your absolute best. Unlike your drunken mate with her iphone…

So, how do you feel about friends sharing pictures of your wedding on Facebook? Is there any way you can stop them? Does it worry you?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Last year I attended my cousins wedding, she had already asked people prior to the big day not to upload onto facebook, at least until they had done so themselves and I would not have dreamed of uploading any photos without her permission first!

    Now I have exactly one year to the day till my wedding and will be asking the same…..

  2. Totally agree. You put so much effort into selecting the right photographer for your wedding and you’re so excited to see the pictures that you don’t want your friends posting ‘not very good’ pictures onto facebook. It can give your wedding a whole different slant to how it should really be viewed.

    We never post client’s photos online unless we have their say so beforehand and they have obviously seen the photos and approved them!

  3. I got married a few weeks ago and live in a small community so now thanks to Facebook and people uploading pictures every man and has dog has been able to see and share our special, private day! It also made me very self-conscious on the day as I knew people were clicking away and the photos would be on Facebook before our day was even over. Wishing now I had asked people not to put pictures on and let us choose which ones were put, afterall it is our memories and our day.

  4. The “New” Paparatzi. “GWC’s” at a Wedding. (Guy’s and Gals WITH Cameras,I,Phones,Crackberries and every Un-Smart phone Available. Now that’s off my chest, this is a true event at some Weddings. As a Wedding Photographer, I prefer to be a “witness” while capturing images of the day as they unfolds organically. While I do understand friends and family want to take pictures, they often don’t REALIZE that the couple are “PAYING for a professional service. Todays “Wedding Photographer” is a combination of “going to war (with the GWC’s) and at times the couple themselves who LOOK at friends and family with cell phones instead of looking at the Photographer. Maybe thats why I prefer smaller “Destination Weddings”. Wedding Photography is a “One SHOT DEAL”. YOU can’t re live those moments..

  5. I have my Facebook privacy set up so that I have to aprove any photos of me that people tag before they end up on my timeline.

    I’m photographing a wedding later this year where the bride and groom are prohibiting guests from taking pictures during the ceremony for this very reason!

  6. I think people need to loosen up a bit! Does it really matter? The set you’re going to have from your photographer and cherish forever are going to be approved by you. The thing that bothers me is everyone seeing pics of the wedding while I’m away on honeymoon with limited access to the internet. I wish we were going away a few months later

  7. I loved seeing everyone’s photos appearing on Facebook and it never occurred to me to ask them not too. It was lovely that everyone enjoyed the day and it was exciting for us to sit and look through the photos and relive our wedding so soon afterwards. Plus I knew my friends wouldn’t upload any awful photos anyway!

    I don’t think it’s taken anything away from the professional one – which I am dying to see – as they’re totally different.

  8. This happened to us. It was the unpaid photographers assistant that did this to us. Unbeknown to us the assistant was starting her own photography business. We ended up on her website and fb page and she was passing of the wedding like we had chosen her as our photographer. No written consent had been given by myself and husband agreeing to this. I contacted trading standards who said that it was a Data protection breech. After a battle the assistant removed the pictures ( we were also cyber bullied by the assistants family via nasty comments on twitter and FB. My husband and i felt totally violated by the photos being posted online as we had already paid our real photographer for the disc and the assistant had posted some of the same pictures for all to see for free! Our day was ment to be a happy private occassion forour friends and family to share with US. I look at our photos now and just feel exploited and violated. To the assistant our day was just a wedding to us it was our special day and the start of our life together.

  9. I am dreading this – I hate photos of me anyway and we have carefully selected our photographer because I really trust him to make me look OK.Great tip, Laura Babb, thank you!

  10. ABSOLUTELY! We asked our guests not to put their photos on Facebook… we paid a professional a lot of money to make us look good!

  11. I really wasn’t bothered. Yes, you spend ages picking the right tog for your perfect photos, but really, the official pictures have only ever been one aspect. People have been bringing their own cameras to weddings long before the digital era – but they just showed off their hard copy prints to friends and family rather than putting them on facebook! Maybe back then brides and grooms just didn’t realise unofficial photographs were circulating. Basically, yes, you get your lovely pro picture but there have always been unofficial pictures being passed around too, it’s just now we’re more aware of it. I think facebook has done two things, made it easier to share, but also created a society where we are more uptight about sharing. I guess on facebook it is hard to get a balance, it’s easy to share to much and also easy to be offended by too much…

    People having viewed each others ‘poor’ photos did not influence how they then went on to view our pro photos or how they remembered our day. They are all just memories and sometimes a friend can catch something that your photographer, as one (or sometimes two) people could not catch. There all just aspects of your day that could otherwise be missed, and ultimately a home photo as no bearing on your pro photos.

    My little brother even took to one of his photos with photoshop and made it look as though I was wearing a neon green dress and my husband was wearing a neon purple and green kilt. He then put that on facebook. Did it upset me? Not particularly, it was a joke and a laugh and it doesn’t matter, I’ve posted the pro photos on my account for people to see so if they’re really interested in seeing my wedding they can look (friends only account).

    People enjoy taking photos of their own memories of events, and if they’ve enjoyed they day they will enjoy sharing those memories too. Personally I don’t mind people saying ‘this was a fab occasion, look what photos I took’. I always ask people now if I’m allowed to post pics I took of their weddings, but really I don’t see it as an issue at all for me personally.

    That’s just my opinion though.

  12. I’d like further information on the article, because to me it reads as a quite bias report which skews the facts shown to indicate something else.

    “MyMemory interviewed 1,112 brides who have married in the last two years and a huge 78% of them said that photos of their wedding appeared online without their approval after the event.”

    This doesn’t say they were unhappy though, and people have never before needed permission to show off their own photographs, they just passed around the ‘boots photo development’ wallets while sitting with friends or family. The whole need to seek ‘approval’ from the bride and groom has only come about since the digital era.

    “Furthermore, 66% of the brides polled claimed that they were unhappy with the way they looked in their wedding photographs.”

    This doesn’t say that they didn’t like the way the looked in guest photographs, just wedding photographs, would that not also include professional photography? At which point what is the relevance to the statement “brides claimed to be annoyed by their friends and guests uploading snaps of their big day”? Can it be clarified what is meant by this, is it specific to guest photography,professional photography or does it incorporate both?

    “To see that as many as half felt annoyed by others uploading snaps onto social media is quite telling…”

    Yes, it tells me that as many of half are not annoyed by others uploading their snaps. Even taking into account the statement “just over half of brides claimed to be annoyed by their friends and guests uploading snaps of their big day onto social media sites” that would still mean that just less than half don’t care. Either way, somewhere in the vicinity of half of all brides are not offended by it. If 75% of brides were offended, you might have a case, but an almost 50-50 debate doesn’t really say much other than that we’re all different.

    Also, I don’t like the way a photobook company has decided that this proves “We think this shows even more how important your wedding photographer is.” Clarify how this is shown? You didn’t say brides simply didn’t like themselves in guest photography, you said wedding photography which sounds more like the pro photographers work. Also, this article isn’t debating whether guest photography should replace pro photography, it’s something that runs alongside professional photography and always has done, ever since film cameras became popular. The statement just doesn’t seem relevant or to be based on the study, not if the focus of the study/article is feeling on unauthorised uploads to social media. This sounds more like a company out for personal gain than an unbiased report based on the evidence presented of how brides actually feel. Even the stats that do show how brides feel, those documented in the report aren’t specific to guest uploads to facebook.

    Interesting thought which is perhaps a starting point for more research, but the survey that has been done and the article presented doesn’t really say much of anything.

  13. i can only say i will bee looking forward to seeing what others are seeing, we will also get to see what we missed on the day , xx

  14. It really doesn’t bother me to be honest.

    The photo’s that we chose for our offical album will have nothing to do with those that are on facebook.

    I think the shots of friends and family can sometimes capture the true vibe of the day. I don’t want to start on a negative telling friends and family what they can and cannot do!

    at the end of the day if you are ON facebook you know what it’s about, a social networking, photo sharing site. if you don’t like it then get it off it.

  15. Our wedding was as much about our friends and family getting together as it was about us as a couple, I think it would have been very bridezilla-ish to veto people putting wedding photos online!

    Like others have said, social networking is just that, social! And if you’re online and active on sites like facebook, then I think it’s to be expected that photos of events, including your wedding, will go online too.

    That said, I’ve been to weddings of friends/family where they are not on facebook, so I’ve put put pictures of them online (just the ones of me and my partner, but not the bride and groom who do not use facebook)

  16. Got married two weeks ago today x Facebooks been great. Some friends/family have got some really nice shots. Its been a really helpful way of finding those little gems x

  17. I got my wedding photos back only to discover that I look like myself in about half of them and the other half are during weird movements in which I’m standing in a way that makes my dress look too small for me. I wore a strapless corset dress. I had it comfortably tightened but it kept sliding down so we had to lace it up tighter. The result? Somebody like me with an athletic body fat percentage looked like they had puff coming out the sides.

    In fact, the pictures uploaded onto facebook were often more flattering than the photographers, who posted little to no photos of my proper “picture” smile and a ton of me in mid laugh looking like I have double chins because of my overbite. Needless to say, it was awful.


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