We all want to have an element of surprise on our wedding day – something to create a few ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’, something a little unexpected. And even better if it can be combined with a truly personal touch which lets us share some secrets with our guests!

These Personalised Wedding Fortune Cookies from Unique Wedding Favours do just that! And lots more…


They take your own words, print them on little slips of paper, bake them inside the fortune cookies, and then wrap each one in its own foil wrapped to keep it fresh – and safe from prying eyes – until the big day!

There are lots of different colour foils to choose from so you can match your wedding theme, and you can even have the wrappers printed with your names and the wedding date.


The only thing you have to decide is what to put inside each fortune cookie! If you want to keep it simple, you can just include a message thanking your guests for joining you on your wedding day.

If you decide to be more adventurous, you could include some little known facts about yourselves, like the story of how you met for example. Some couples include their favourite song lyrics and combine these with a table game – name that tune!


Maybe you can use the message slips to encourage your guests to find their matching ‘other half’ – a great way of encouraging all of your friends and family to mix! The only limit is your imagination…

You can order your personalised wedding fortune cookies at uniqueweddingfavours.co.uk and Unique Wedding Favours are offering 15% discount if you place an order online before the 15th June. The fortune cookies have a shelf life of 8 months so even if your wedding is a while away you can still go ahead and order them now!

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