Nine months of planning, lying and secret email accounts were used to fool their 150 guests.


Sylvia Murray wore a big white dress for her 30th birthday party, that her guests thought looked uncannily like a wedding gown. That’s because it was!

Miss Murray and her partner Iain Dewar, 37, tricked 150 friends and family members into thinking they were attending a birthday party at Falkirk Football Stadium, when, in fact they were actually attending an even bigger party – their wedding.

The couple spent nine months planning their wedding in September, but none of their 150 guests – not even their parents – knew a thing about it.

The only people who were let in on the secret were, Sylvia’s sister, Joanne, 27, and Iain’s best man was only told about it a month before the big day.

Are you planning a secret wedding? How would you feel if you attended a wedding thinking it was something else?

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