Sometimes showing a little interest in your fiancé’s passions or hobbies can go a long way, especially when you’re about to be married! Buying wedding gifts for each other may not be the most traditional of customs, but seeing as the day is solely about you and your husband-to-be, you’ll have the perfect excuse to spring an extra special surprise on him. And who knows, maybe he’s planning to do the same for you!


You don’t have to share his undying love for penalty shoot outs, the gesture of giving him one of these well-thought out wedding gifts will go a long way!


It can be difficult buying a football-related gift if you know nothing about the game, particularly if it’s for someone who thinks screaming “offside” at the television screen is completely acceptable, when for you, it seems downright insane. But fear not, this guide offers you seven superb football-themed wedding gifts that will not only impress, but will make him think you know more about football than you let on!

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Like marriage, a football shirt is for life

An amazing way to keep your fiancé happy is the simple gift of his club’s latest colours in time for the new season. However, as a big fan, he might already have the new shirt. In which case, a retro shirt will be just as treasured, even more so if it is a replica from a special season such as the year they won the FA cup, or your fiancé’s first season as a fan.

Seeing as it’s for a special occasion, why not go a step further and create a customised shirt? Adidas’s MiAdidas allows you to customise the colour and design of a shirt from the sleeves to the collar.

Rest assured, he will be wearing it on match days, down the pub, or showing it off to teammates while playing five-a-side. The only downside is, he may never take it off! Fair enough, you did buy it for him after all. But you could insist on one rule: no wearing it on the honeymoon!


Out of his league

Autographs and memorabilia are big business, and while you might not be able to afford something as valuable as the only surviving copy of the world’s oldest football rulebook, which sold at auction in 2011 for £881,250, you could get a signed football, jersey or photograph from his favourite player.

Unless you are very lucky and seated pitch-side, securing that precious signature on match day is very unlikely, so it is better to try writing to the player directly. It could take a while to get a reply, if you get one at all, which is why you may want to put things in motion months before the wedding date. And if your persistence bears fruit, an autograph with a personal dedication will feel priceless to your husband-to-be.


You don’t have to share his undying love for penalty shoot outs, the gesture of giving him one of these well-thought out wedding gifts will go a long way!


A match made in heaven

Get in on the action by treating him with tickets to a match. It could be your local lower league team battling against a Goliath of the Premiership in an FA Cup play-off, or a big European game overseas; either way, it’s more than just a gift: it’s an experience.

It doesn’t even have to be his team, you could surprise him by honeymooning somewhere beautiful yet football-crazy, like Madrid. You could even suggest posing for some photos outside Real Madrid’s iconic Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Only when you arrive at the stadium would you reveal that you have tickets for the match that evening.

If you’re not a lover of the game yourself, just remember that a match is only 90 minutes!


A day to remember

Another fun treat is to surprise him with a tour of his favourite team’s stadium. Your fiancé might have been to hundreds of games over the years, but how many times has he been in the dressing rooms and seen the trophies in person?

As great as learning more about the team’s history in the museum and admiring the trophy cabinets is, the best part is always getting pitch side. Walking out of the tunnel and sitting in the home dugouts will make him feel like a kid again.

If you want to add another great surprise to your day, book a “legends” tour. Many clubs now offer special tours guided by former players, giving your fiancé the chance to meet one of his heroes in the flesh – so make sure you take something to be signed that won’t get washed or easily lost.


Get his hands on the cup (of tea)

Even the smallest clubs in the land have a trusty team shop. From personalised tea mugs, to hats and scarves embossed with their famous emblem, you’re sure to find an Aladdin’s cave of unusual and exciting gifts.

Many teams have had magic cup moments over the years, so why not celebrate those glory days with some unusual cup-related gifts like a replica FA cup or framed newspapers from those famous giant-killings of the past?

The club shop is also the perfect place for snapping up a gift. Rather than the latest jersey, why not mix things up and build a groom-to-be goody bag? From autograph books, scarves, hats, signed photos and miniature versions of the club mascot, there’ll be plenty to choose from. But make sure to check first that he doesn’t already have what you’re thinking of buying him.


The beautiful book

These days, it seems that almost every retired player and manager releases an autobiography. If you can find the right one, these books make for excellent holiday reading. But if you have no idea who his favourite player or manager is, you could always tap up the best man.

If your fiancé is an avid reader, and you’ve got the cash to spare (after paying out for the wedding, that is) you could get him the ultimate sporting opus. More than a book, this 850-page opus tells the entire story of the club across 400,000 pages. Currently these monster books are only available for Arsenal, Manchester United, and Celtic, and cost between £1,500 and £4,000.

You don’t have to share his undying love for penalty shoot outs, or his excitement about the World Cup to impress him; the gesture of giving him a well-thought out gift will be more than enough, especially when it comes from you – his future bride and not-so-football fan.