Planning a wedding can be tricky, even for the celebs! Here, TV presenter Caroline Feraday reveals her top tips for planning the perfect celebration…

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Have a competent toastmaster

He will ask you questions to get you thinking of anything you haven’t considered before the big day and he is the best point of contact on the day so you can fully relax and enjoy the festivities. I had a wonderful guy called Richard who I met at the Wedding Ideas Awards.

Choose suppliers that you trust

It’s really important to chose suppliers that you trust, from florists through to caterers, and then to listen to them. They do lots of weddings so they are the experts – I’ve only ever arranged one!

Communicate your plans

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I made a running order with phone numbers, timings and details that needed to be taken care of and made sure everyone from the caterer to the groomsmen had it and all worked together. They all had something to refer to on the day and no one needed to ask me anything!

Be flexible

Be flexible, don’t worry, and know that something unexpected WILL happen in the last two weeks. Someone will be ill and cancel or they will take out their stress or problems on you. Smile. Don’t worry. It will still be wonderful in the end.

Take care of your guests

The guests are more important than the colour of the flowers or the flavour of the cake, neither of those things will affect your wedding day. Enjoy your guests, they are what make a party and more importantly – they are what make a marriage work!

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