Looking for a new pair of sunglasses for the summer but don’t have enough time to hang around to pick a pair? Well international fashion and eyewear brand GUESS are here to help! GUESS Eyewear have introduced the perfect solution to finding the right style of sunglasses that literally fit your face.

They’ve create six categories of face shapes – Diamond, Heart, Inverted Triangle, Oval, Round, and Square. So, which shape are you?

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Diamond divas

diamond face

For all you Diamond-faced divas out there like Rihanna, opt for oval, square or rimless frames. These will minimise the cheekbones and balance out a narrow chin.

Heart-shaped sweet hearts and terrific triangles

triangle and heart face

Classic aviators and cat-eyes are just right to enhance the heart-shaped and triangle facial shapes.

Opportunistic ovals

oval face

Count yourself lucky that most options fit your face perfectly. This provides you with a great opportunity to experiment with different styles. Latest looks such as the butterfly style are a brilliant choice for you and anything medium to large sized will work very well.

Round chick

round face

Round face shapes like Cameron should look for frames with straight or angular frames that will lengthen and slim your face. Also try to avoid rounded styles that accentuate full cheeks.

Stylish squares

square face

Grab the latest summer 2013 trends with round and cat-eye frames. Avoid frames that are flat at the bottom. GUESS’ cat-eye frames, which come in tortoise shell, would look gorgeous on you stylish squares for the summer months.

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