Want a ceremony venue that’s stylish and different? For an intimate, luxurious wedding setting, take a look at these gorgeous yachts from Exclusive Yacht Weddings Cyprus!


The company has a large selection of yachts of different styles and characters to choose from for your yacht wedding. The definite ‘queen’ of the team is the elegant Ocean Flyer, which can hold a party of up to 150 people – although if you’re looking for something a little cosier, it’s also intimate enough to hold a small wedding party of 10 people! Ocean Flyer is the creme de la creme  of the fleet, with three decks to choose from as a place to say your vows.


The beautiful Sea Star is the most spacious yacht of fleet, and after a massive refurbishment in early 2014, she also has three gorgeous decks for you to party the night away on! If you want an early start to your wedding day, then take a look at the Kurosivo yacht, which caters from 2 to 30 people and is available from 10am. This yacht is also the most popular choice for hen and stag parties and small gatherings!

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If you want a wedding party that will carry on into the small hours, then look no further than the Jolly Roger. This traditional ship not only looks fantastic, but has a dancefloor and a bar to cater for up to 150 people! Looking for an intimate private setting? Then the elegant Serenissima is your best choice, as this beautiful boat holds from 2 to 8 people. If you choose the East coast of Cypus as your wedding destination, then the Greek schooner San Antonio may be the perfect place for your ceremony! Moored in the stunning turquoise sea of Green Bay, this graceful wooden vessel holds 55 people.

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