Help is here for summer wedding guests of 2018! Whether the wedding you attend is set to be sizzling or overcast, this survival guide will see you through

From summer wedding guest dresses to ideas for the men, your makeup and more, follow this survival guide to be one of the best summer wedding guests of 2017
This summer wedding guest gets it right! We love her choice of a vibrant red gown to suit the bride’s gloriously colourful big day. Image credit:

Co-ordinate your outfit colours

The summer season tempts up with dresses in a dazzling array of shades, but for weddings, that’s not always a good thing. If you’re likely to feature prominently in the photographs, check with the couple what their colour scheme will be. You’ll be in the confetti and ceremony shots at the very least.

You don’t want to be the blaring bright purple guest who grabs the attention in every photo at their otherwise rustic wedding. That being said, you don’t want to match the bridesmaids either. A complementary tone is the way to go.

Layer up

Unless you’ll be summer wedding guests abroad, do not rely on the Great British summer delivering stellar results. Layers are as essential in the summer as they are in winter, although of different kinds. Lace boleros, lightweight jackets or wraps will all keep the chill off should the weather worsen, while being easy to remove if you’re treated to heat. For men, waistcoats or lightweight linen jackets are best.

Hats on!

Swap fascinators for hats if you’re set to be a summer wedding guest at a scorching celebration. You’ll look just as stylish and benefit from the shade. Just make sure you follow the rules of wedding hat etiquette – you can find those here.

Treat SPF with care

If the sun is out, then you should protect your skin. But, if the UV levels are not set to be high, avoid applying too many products with SPF in if you can. Check everything from your moisturiser to your foundation for these – it’s not only sun cream that can pack a protective punch. Why avoid it, you might ask? Because it flashes back in photographs, making your face appear very white!

Bring a beauty bag

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You don’t need us to tell you that warm, sunny summer days can have a less than desirable effect on your beauty look. Limp hair, a little too much of a glow, even melting makeup… these are all possibilities you face as a summer wedding guest. Carry a bag with makeup essentials so that you can top up, and a sea salt spray to revitalise and retexture your hair if you’ll wear it down.

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