Choosing when to wed can be a difficult task, especially when budgets are tight and with the UK weather as unpredictable as ever!

If you’re undecided whether to choose a sizzling summer celebration or a fun and festive big day, check out our handy guide to the pros and cons of marrying in summer and winter…

Summer soiree

Wonderful weather

With over a third of all weddings in the UK taking place during the glorious summer months, they remain the most popular choice for today’s couples.

The warm sunshine and longer days mean you have more time to party, and the dream of getting married outdoors can actually be a reality. Unfortunately, freak rain showers are unavoidable.

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It always rains in Blighty and if you accept that now, and have a good wet weather back-up plan, you’re less likely to feel disappointed if it happens.

Perfect photography

Bright sunshine and blue skies, certainly do lift your photographs, but be careful here. Good photographers, and other suppliers, get booked up in a flash during the summer, so be an early bird to avoid missing out.

Frown free

Another problem with that pesky sun? It can cause you to squint in your pictures. Choose a selection of locations for your posed shots, including some shaded areas, so your portraits are frown free.

Pimm’s on the lawn

Outdoor parties just sum up the summer. Pimm’s on the lawn, a game of croquet and strawberries and ice cream are made for blazing sunshine. But think of ways to make the heat more bearable for everyone.

If the temperature soars during your reception, make sure there are plenty of chilled bottles of water on hand, and a gazebo so guests have shelter from the sun when they want it. You could also carry a pretty lace parasol throughout the day, to avoid any scary sunburn.

Holiday gamble

Finally, the holiday gamble. Yes, summer is perfect because people are more likely to take days off and come celebrate with you, but annoyingly your big day may well clash with their two weeks in Ibiza. Our advice? Get your save the date cards out super early!

Still need persuading? Here’s part two on the pros and cons of getting married in the winter.