We have just seen the longest day pass us by, and do you know what that means? It’s summer!

For those of you having a wedding this summer, add a touch of sunshine romance to your wedding day with colourful confetti from Shropshire Petals. Here are their top confetti colour recommendations for your summer wedding…

summer-confetti-ShropshirePetals.com Blowing Raspberry Fool Confetti £11.50 per litre (£3)

But before we talk about colour, make sure you choose the right confetti to get that wow factor confetti moment you’re looking for. Shropshire Petals recommends smaller petals such as delphiniums and wildflowers as these are lighter, creating a gentle flutter as they fall upon you after you have said your I dos. To add some extra colour and texture, you can opt for some larger petals to mix in with the smaller ones.

summer-confetti-ShropshirePetals.com Jim and Jess in Confetti Field with Cream Rose and Lavender Wheat Sheaf from £25 (5)

Bright and beautiful

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If you are looking for a colour pop for your confetti photographs, a bright orange mix is perfect. The Orange Blossom mix is a combination of orange marigold petals and ivory delphinium petals.

summer-confetti-ShropshirePetals.com Orange Blossom £11.50 per litre (3)

Perfect pastel

For a light colourful confetti mix, choosing a variety of pastel colours mixed together is perfect for summer. The popular Summer Nights confetti is a delicate mix of light blue, pale pink and ivory delphinium petals.

summer-confetti-ShropshirePetals.com Handful of Summer Nights £11.50 per litre

Something blue

If you are struggling to find your something blue, why not have blue confetti? Summer Sky is just as its name describes – a lovely mix of ivory and blue/purple delphinium petals with a sprinkle of pretty pale blue hydrangea petals.

summer-confetti-ShropshirePetals.com Summer Sky £13.50 per litre (3)

A taste of honeymoon

Inspired by the sea in a far away destination, the new Coral Reef confetti mix is already proving to be a popular summer favourite. Coral Reef is a stunning mixture of delicate pale pink and ivory delphinium petals, with a bold splash of orange rose petals – colours you will expect to see on the coral reef!

summer-confetti-ShropshirePetals.com Confetti Basket with Coral Reef £76.50 2


If you are looking for even more of a colour splash, pick and mix your own confetti using the pick and mix tool online. Shropshire Petals did this and placed their favourite summer mix into ice cream cones instead of confetti cones for a real summery feel. To make this confetti mix, they chose Raspberry Fool and Midnight Blue delphinium petals, and mixed these with Ginger Snap and Honey B calendula petals to create a rainbow of confetti!

summer-confetti-ShropshirePetals.com Ice cream Cones with Raspberry Fool, Midnight Blue and Ginger Snap £11.50 per litre

Love it? For more confetti inspiration, visit www.shropshirepetals.com! And you can now even save 10% of orders over £65 by getting your discount code at www.shropshirepetals.com/weddingideas.