Nearly 35% of brides in the UK get married in the summer months, but is this really the best time of year for you to wed? We take a look at some pros and cons of getting married in the summer and winter to help you decide which is best…

Planning a summer wedding

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Wonderful weather

If you get married in summer you should be blessed with the perfect day – the sun beating down on you from dawn until dusk, your guests enjoying drinks outside and dancing under the stars. However, you’re going to need to have a back up plan just in case, with brollies at the ready and inside seating if the weather doesn’t play ball.

Hot and humid

Don’t get us wrong, we love sunny weather as much as the next person. While a bright, sunny wedding day can be relaxed and fun, it can also cause some problems. It may end up being just too hot, so make sure there’s some shade for your guests to retreat to. Also, everybody is likely to get dehydrated in hot weather so you’re going to need to provide them with plenty of soft drinks throughout the day. If you’re having a marquee wedding, they can get very warm so you might need to think about air conditioning. Also, your floral venue decorations are going to need watering much more frequently.

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Perfect photography

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Another thing to think about is that sunny weather can make you squint and frown in your photographs, so make sure your photographer puts you somewhere your eyes are a little shaded.

Calendar clashing

If you marry in July and August it’s likely that some of your guests will be planning on taking their holidays about the same time of year. So what do you do? You can reduce the likelihood of this by sending out your save the dates good and early so dates don’t clash.

Organising a winter wonderland

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Out-of-season savings

One of the good things about getting married in winter is that you’re more likely to get your chosen venue at short notice, especially if you plan on getting married on a week day. And because you’re getting married outside the normal wedding season you may be able to negotiate a favourable rate – this also applies to your suppliers.

Gorgeous illuminations

You could light your ceremony entirely by candles and have lanterns illuminating the pathway to your reception, which would be wonderfully atmospheric. Serve mulled wine and mince pies on arrival.

Wedding wellies Emma Case

Shrug it off

As for your wedding dress, embrace the colder weather by wrapping yourself in a soft shrug or a rich velvet cape – think of heavier fabrics, colours and textures. Be careful though as these added extras can increase your spend, see what you can borrow from friends and family.

Snow business

You may be wishing for a white snowy wedding day and you may be lucky, but just remember that snow can cause problems with transport and people arriving at your venue.

Have a back-up plan with a 4×4 on hand to get you to and from the ceremony and check that your suppliers have a similar plan in place. You might want to also think about wedding insurance to cover all this.