A string quartet, or even a string trio at your wedding will instantly add a touch of grandiosity to your big day. If you’re considering one, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know.

status cymbal string quartet wedding entertainment
Status Cymbal

Choosing a String Quartet for Your Wedding

Why have a string quartet?

Quite simply, it adds to the opulence of your wedding day. The soft, beautiful sound of string instruments lends itself perfectly to the romance of a wedding day. It doesn’t have to be all classical music, string bands can accommodate most styles, so you could easily have your favourite songs played more harmoniously.

What type of music?

The possibilities are endless. Seriously. Whether you want your favourite Ed Sheeran song or a classical number, musicians are pros and can usually turn their hands to anything. If you’re having a string band for your ceremony, keep it soft and melodic.

When to book the band for

String bands are popular for the wedding ceremony. The soft sounds of a string band are perfect for your procession music. String instruments playing in the background of your wedding breakfast is another option, and often a combined option with the first.

Status cymbal string quartet playing black and white
Status Cymbal

How much should you budget?

Firstly, you want to check whether there is a minimum performance time as this is your base payment. Often it is three hours. We would recommend budgeting from £600 for a string quartet.

Is there an alternative?

Yes! If you can’t quite stretch to the cost of a quartet, enquire about a trio as it will certainly be cheaper. You’ll still have the same effect but with one musician less.

Status Cymbal is a talented and affordable string band with a musical repertoire to impress.


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