Weddings can be expensive what with the venue, food, drinks, entertainment, the dress…  It all adds up! So we’ve asked exclusive wedding discount website Something New Deals to reveal where couples should spend – and save – in the run-up to their big day to help you stay in budget.


Work our your priorities

First things first – find our what you can or cannot compromise on before you spend any money. Talk to your fiancé and find out what are the most important aspects of your day. Commit to spend the most on your important aspects as most of the other features you will be happier about spending less on.

Be clever with the date

Deciding on the wedding date is one of the most exciting things about wedding planning as well as being a special moment. If you are relaxed on the time of year you want to get married, consider tying the knot in autumn or winter – these are generally quieter times and venues and suppliers usually have discounts running during these times.


Shop around

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Get as many quotes as possible. Yes this takes a long time but you can really get an understanding of how much services cost and it ensures that you are getting the best price possible. On a plus side you can always see if suppliers can price match – they usually do!

Ask for a discount

Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts. You are only ever going to get a yes or a no for an answer. If a supplier really wants your business they will generally agree as we all have margins for discounts! If you’re scared of asking for a discount, come on to our website where hundreds of suppliers are already offering money off their services.

Don’t be afraid of newbies

Try out new companies. Lots of new companies usually offer special discounts in their early days to build up their reputation and their service. Just make sure you get some references just to put your mind at rest.

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk may seem a bit extreme but when you have 50+ people that you need to provide drinks or food for it really makes sense as the savings are significant. Just make sure you can find the space for it all.


Get creative

DIY-ing can be daunting especially if you are not crafty but give it a go. You can really save money by doing it yourself. If you really don’t fancy it than ask around as someone in your bridal party may have a special talent for creating lovely things.

Get exclusive deals

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