What do a ventriloquist dummy, five copies of Stephen Fry’s autobiography and plaster casts of women’s breasts all have in common?

They’ve all been reported to be left behind at villas often used for  honeymoons! PremierVillas.net says the discoveries have all been made while cleaning the villas after guests have departed for the airport.

What do a ventriloquist dummy, Stephen Fry's autobiography and models of breasts have in common? You won't believe what's been left behind on honeymoons!

Cropping up in villas across the honeymoon destinations of Portugal, Mallorca, Turkey, Greece and Italy, where the UK-based, luxury holiday accommodation website hosts weddings and luxury honeymoons, these 20 items left behind on honeymoons are seriously strange…

1) A stuffed baby elephant

2) A bag full of human hair

3) A shrunken head

4) Signed copies of all of Julio Iglesias’ albums

5) Plaster casts of different women’s breasts

6) A ventriloquist dummy

7) A Samurai sword

8) Five copies of Stephen Fry’s autobiography

9) A set of Princess Diana memorial cups

10) A full box of Cuban cigars

11) Oil drum of first pressed olive oil

12) A collector’s book of dried butterflies

13) Keys to a Ferrari 458 Italia (but no car left on site)

14) 1kg of Marijuana

15) A WW1 Gas Mask

16) A live chameleon in a tank

17) An entire wheel of manchego cheese

18) Signed photo of David Hasselhoff in frame

19) Box of dead mosquitoes

20) A cowboy’s lasso

We don’t know about you, but if we’d forgotten a set of Ferrari keys, we’d be in quite a hurry to collect them… A box of dead mosquitoes on the other hand? Not so much.

Which of these items left behind on honeymoons do you find the most bizarre?


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