We’ve all been there. That well-meaning family friend, relative, or soon to be mother-in-law who want to share their pearls of wedding planning wisdom with you, which is great until they become an unstoppable force with the only right opinion on just about every element of your wedding!

But what do you do? You don’t want to offend those who are often some of your nearest and dearest and only mean well, but it’s also your day and you’d quite like it back thank you very much! Luckily, here at Wedding Ideas HQ we’ve seen plenty of planning troubles and have a few sparkly suggestions to get your big day back on the right track – your one! Here’s our three-step approach to stop others planning your wedding, politely.

Are you desperate to stop others planning your wedding for you without offending them? We have your solution in three easy steps


Sometimes all it takes is a subtle nudge. If they’re constantly pestering you for wedding details or to make appointments with the suppliers they think you simply must choose, politely let them know that this time you’re just doing it with your groom, your bridesmaids or your mum. You’re not saying no completely, you’re just saying not every time, giving you space to breathe and them a gentle signal to take a step back.



If you can’t seem to stop others planning your wedding for you with all the great contacts and ideas they had at their own wedding, you can still limit their involvement. Rather than putting up red tape around all things wedding, you can give the person in question a specific role.

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You could ask them to find wedding cake suppliers for you to then approve, or to be on-hand to set up the venue on your wedding morning. They’ll get the responsibility they’re craving, while you’ll still get your dream day, your way – hopefully with the added bonus of having one less thing to organise!

Are you desperate to stop others planning your wedding for you without offending them? We have your solution in three easy steps


This might sound counter-intuitive, you’re reading this because you do want to plan your wedding yourself, after all, but this works two ways. You can either hire a planner or let them make your specific dreams into reality or you can pretend you have.

Either way, a wedding planner once told us that her clients loved being able to use their planner as an excuse for not taking the sometimes-overbearing advice and suggestions of family and friends, so this is a great trick to have up your sleeve! If you need a little more help, these 9 ways to stay sane during the planning will be your saviour and when you are ready for a little advice, our real brides and grooms have 22 no-nonsense planning ideas just for you!


Are you struggling to stop others planning your wedding? Let other brides and grooms come to your rescue in the comments below!