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Brides and grooms are forgoing the traditional seperate hen and stag dos in favour of a more integrated pre-wedding celebration – the combined stag and hen – the ‘sten’ do…

What is a sten?

The sten do is the latest trend for betrothed couples. It is essentially a joint celebration between the bride and groom, in which they bring together their pals for one big event rather than two separate ones. It’s also known as a ‘hag’ do.

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Why are stens becoming so popular?

Group travel specialist and bespoke ‘sten party’ planners Red7 has reported a 200% increase in requests for this type of event in the last two years. Many couples are in one big friendship group anyway, so they may well want to spend some time together rather than split up because tradition dictates they must.

What should we do for a sten do?

It goes without saying that you should base your sten around your passions as a couple – whether that’s food, travel or partying! When you’ve got double the number of guests, it can be tricky to please everyone, so stick with what you’d like to do and those who don’t want to come don’t have to.

Weekends away are a great option; rent out a huge home somewhere fabulous – from a country pile in the Scottish Highlands to a villa on an Ibizan hilltop – and with so many guests to split the bill with, it won’t end up as expensive as you first thought.

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What themes work for a sten do?

Whether it’s an old Skool ‘Team Bride Vs Team Groom’ theme, an ‘Only Way is Marbs’, ‘Glitter-Festival Chic’ or even a ‘Noughties Ibiza Club Weekend’, an imaginative theme which works for the location helps bond the group and will help turn the event into a fabulous party you’ll remember for years to come.

You can always do your own thing too!

Sure, you’re all on one big holiday together, but you can spend some time apart too. Split up for certain activities that might divide opinion – if the boys want a round of golf but you’d rather some time at the spa, arrange it!

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