Looking for an elegant bridal updo for your big day? This is it! Top hairdresser Mark Hill has teamed up with Made in Chelsea‘s Millie Mackintosh to show you how to create this iconic A-list look, perfect for a glamorous big day…


Step 1

Start with clean, dry hair. I like to use Big Night Out Shampoo and Conditioner as these help prepare the hair for styling without leaving it too soft or floppy. Dry using a large round brush with as much volume as possible.


Step 2

When dry, section out your fringe and pop a few heated rollers into the crown area. I spray the hair first with Work it Girl Shine Protect and Control Spray and again when the rollers are in and cooling down for maximum holding power.


Step 3

As the rollers are cooling, smooth the rest of your hair back into a ponytail just under the rollers. Secure with a covered band. Twist the ponytail around to form a small loose bun and secure with grips or fine pins.

Step 4

Take the rollers out when cool. Add a little backcombing to the roots of this top section and then smooth back towards the loose bun. Secure the hair just above the bun with grips.


Step 5

Now, with the ends of your hair, twist around the bun and use fine pins to keep everything in place. The idea is you cover the bun and build up the soft texture. If you have a fringe like Millie’s, straighten through using your straighteners.


Step 6

Fabulous Finish Hair Spray will keep the style exactly where you want it and a final spritz of Bedazzled will add a gorgeous shine.

So that’s your hair sorted, but what about your make-up look. If you want glamorous eyes to go with this glamorous hair, you need false lashes. Not only will they make your eyes stand out in your wedding photographs, they’ll make you feel super confident in front of the camera. See how Millie does it right here…

Millie’s own wedding hair look was a little more boho than this! Check it out here. Want to see even more beautiful bridal updos? Check out our celebrity gallery for more inspiration.