Want to enjoy the festive season without ruining your figure for the big day? These top tips from those fab folks at Slimming World will help you have a happy holiday and still get into your dream dress in the new year!

6-ways-to-stay-slim-over-christmasBe creative

With a little imagination, your Christmas dinner can be delicious, filling and healthy, too. Begin with a low-fat starter such as smoked salmon, melon or a low-fat soup (one that’s tomato based rather than creamy). Take the skin off your turkey to reduce the fat and choose the light meat. Fill your plate with vegetables – sprouts and carrots will provide you with vitamin C, folic acid and carotenoids (antioxidants that protect against diseases such as heart disease).

Choose boiled or dry roasted potatoes to reduce the fat content. Make your own low-fat stuffing and sauces. Accompany your meal with low-fat nibbles such as vegetable sticks and low-fat dips, and add grapes to your cheese board. After dinner take a walk or go to the park with your family. If you do sit down to watch TV, bring out fruity nibbles like satsumas, melon or pineapple slices.

Be selective

Party buffets can be loaded with high-calorie and high-fat foods. Choose things like lean slices of ham or beef, chicken with the skin removed, salmon or hard-boiled eggs for a weight conscious way to fill up. Veg sticks, fruit and wholemeal sandwiches are a good way to satisfy your appetite, too.

Avoid fried foods and pastry-based snacks, as well as high-fat sandwich fillings like butter and cheese or dips made with mayonnaise.

Eat well beforehand

Before a big Christmas wedding or party, make sure you fill up first on a fab ‘food optimising’ meal, like a pasta dish, to set you up for the night ahead. Your body will absorb any alcohol more slowly, and you’ll be less likely to reach for high-calorie snacks like crisps or nibbles or be tempted by a late-night snack.


Dance the night away

Hit the dancefloor and incorporate some activity into your night out! This is both fun and great exercise, too. Make sure you keep well hydrated with water or soft drinks after a session on the dancefloor, instead of guzzling down that vodka and diet coke!

slimming-world-featureThe big breakfast

Eat a filling breakfast on Christmas morning to help stave off the urge to snack on chocolates or mince pies. Start the day with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon or grilled bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes or a big bowl of seasonal fruit topped with fat-free natural yogurt.

It’s all about moderation

Banning foods like chocolate and mince pies makes slimmers much more likely to become obsessed with what they can’t eat and go crackers when they give into cravings – and it’s a pretty miserable way to live. Have high-energy treats like chocolate, crisps and alcohol in moderation and you’ll still fit into your dream wedding dress next year!

Get inspired

Make sure you watch the fab Jenny Barber from Slimming World video below, where she gives here top tips on how to eat right over Christmas without jeopardising your big day look – If anyone knows how to do it, she does 🙂

Don’t forget to let us know how you get on over the festive period. Did you overindulge or where you good?


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