The Stationery ‘Wedding Collection’ By Paperchase

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now it’s time to get on with the wed-min! A daunting prospect, we know. To help take some of the stress of wedding planning off your shoulders, Paperchase have created a stunning wedding collection bursting with inspiration for your big day. You’ll love this year’s design too. A photographic floral design interwoven with images of gems and pearls – it beautifully captures the romance of the occasion and with everything from invitation to decorations, style every part of your day to perfection.


The stationery 'Wedding Collection' by Paperchase


Full of Character

Looking for something non-traditional? 2017 is the year of the quirky character design. The highest searched term on our website is ‘unicorn’ and it’s no wonder with unicorn hairstyles and pool floats flooding our Instagram feeds. Luckily, character-led designs are what Paperchase does best…if we do say so ourselves! From the ridiculously cute Unicorn Star collection to our exclusive Hello Kitty range, we’ve got designs to match every personality. You might think these are a little informal for a wedding, but trust us, you can definitely incorporate them into the festivities. The pastel and sugary colour pallets pair perfectly with summer and little nods in the centrepieces and decorations will help make the celebration uniquely yours. Go big or go home, right?

The stationery 'Wedding Collection' by Paperchase

Word Up!

If you’ve got a wardrobe full of slogan tees, you’ll know all about this trend. Word is on the street (quite literally) with slogan clothing declaring itself the runway’s boldest trend! Celebs like Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne are all about letting their clothing do the talking and it’s not just the fashion industry that’s taking the say-it-loud-say-it-proud approach. Case in point: wordy stationery.Our slogan list pads and diaries provide the perfect motivation to start the wedding prep while our range of catchphrase party supplies make it full-on-festive. Finish with music, food and friends and you’re good to go.

Which Kraft?

If you prefer a classic look, brown kraft is the way to go. It’s a material customers return to time and again and we can see why. It’s is just so versatile! Whether you decide to add your own design and embellishments or go au naturel, the brown colouring and grained texture creates a vintage feel ensuring it never goes out of style. Our kraft scrapbooks are particularly popular with couples planning their nuptials because there are loads of ways you can incorporate it into your wedding wardrobe. Use it for its intended purpose or why not create a custom wedding planner or guest book with our personalisation service?

The stationery 'Wedding Collection' by Paperchase


We’re obsessed with metallics, like really obsessed! Deeply luxurious with an uber-modern aesthetic, we’ve decked out notebooks, backpacks and so much more in eye-catching metallic shades. We’ve got your classic bronze, silver and gold, but this year we’re branching out even further with royal blue as well as irresistible iridescent shades. The reason it works? Introducing the right touch of can really make the details of your big day shine. Blend gold and copper with soft pastels to give a warm and romantic vintage feel. Alternatively silver and blue work nicely alongside each other for an industrial look. Sure to receive even the most traditional bride’s seal of approval.

The stationery 'Wedding Collection' by Paperchase
Fly away organiser set

We all know weddings can get pretty expensive and that’s why Paperchase offers 15% off bulk wedding purchases to help you save a few pennies. What’s more, shop with a Treat Me card and you’ll reap in even more amazing rewards! Please visit us at for more information and to check out our full range of wedding products. We can’t wait to see you there!