If you’re a wedding photographer, chances are that you’re facing competition that’s as steep as ever – in order to be successful, you have to consistently produce great results, have great referrals and a list of wedding planners who trust your ability.

All of this takes time, and also requires you to keep track of the new developments in the industry so that you can always offer the new wedding photography trends for your clients and stay competitive.

And for those brides reading this who are looking for wedding photographers, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd with your wedding album with these fashion-forward photography trends revealed to us by renowned Australian photographer, Michal Kriesch


To keep track of the new developments, it’s always good to follow what others in the industry are doing, but here are some of the new trends for wedding photography in 2015 that  are gaining ground and are very much in demand:

Stop motion videos

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Since it’s the age of social media, people want something that’s easy to share with their friends and family, as well as catchy and short enough to attract, and keep, attention. This is why stop motion videos are becoming increasingly popular – they are relatively easy to create and can capture a wedding beautifully, without needing to do any actually filming.

Basically, they are made using sequences of images to create a mini-movie of the entire wedding experience – starting with the preparation, meeting of the soon-to-be weds, seeing the family, the ceremony, and so on.

With a well-selected theme, along with properly chosen music and good editing work, it can become a truly beautiful and very fun way to immortalize the wedding.

Capture the action

More and more wedding photographers are beginning to use less planned group shots and more natural shots from the ceremony and the reception – although these have always been a part of it, artfully capturing the unique atmosphere of each event is truly a skill to be acquired.

But when done properly, it can make a tremendous difference and results in some wonderful photography.

You have to seamlessly switch between larger shots and intimate close-ups, being able to capture both the events transpiring and the individual emotions as they unfold. This requires you to not only anticipate what’s going to happen next and always be ahead of everyone else, but also carefully plan out your location to be able to catch the right angles of the people you want to take pictures of.

Of course, in the end you will probably end up doing at least a few group shots, but that doesn’t mean they have to be traditional.


Be creative with group shots

How can group shots be original? The short answer: themes!

In modern wedding photography, it’s no longer just about taking pictures of the people that are attending – capturing, or creating, a feeling of uniqueness is probably even more important and that can be accomplished by simply thinking of creative ways to tell a story with the photos.

These can be quite silly, like having the groom ‘hide’ under the wedding dress to create ‘the giant bride’, or playing with perspective to create quirkly optical illusions. Otherwise, you can go for symbolism, like getting different generations of women or men together in one shot.


Finally, there’s the always popular option of going for romance or emotional pictures – simply getting people to express genuine emotions will always make great photography. A father kissing his daughter before she walks down the aisle, the bride’s pictures with the flowergirls, or, of course, pictures of the bride and groom together.

The important thing is to try and make the shots something more than just a group of people standing together. These people are not some random strangers – they are the closest family members and loved ones, so the job of a photographer is to highlight those relationships in your photos, because that is what will have the most lasting impact and will be cherished as memories.


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