Being a bride-to-be is an experience that can’t be put into words. There are so many things you will be oh-so-excited about, case in point being beauty sessions, pampering, dress shopping and for some, the attention on you as you take to the aisle as heavenly bride. On the other hand, feeling nerves about this at the same isn’t uncommon when every pair of eyes will be on you! Even more reason to see the potential of your beauty prep…


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Prepping for your big day can pose a lot of questions and isn’t an overnight job or ‘day before’ thought. If you are planning to get a facial or any other skin treatments just a week before you are scheduled to get hitched, think again. Here are a few makeup tips that will help you positively glow with a few MUST preparations.


Try and test

Steer clear of experiments right before your wedding day. You can get a facial done right before your wedding, but it shouldn’t be the first time. Try any beauty regimes or new products a few times at regular intervals before your wedding because, sometimes, your skin might react sensitively without you even knowing your skin was prone to it – we wouldn’t want any sudden break outs! Make sure you know way in advance that your skin is happy and comfortable with all of your makeup and beauty prep products so that you can rest easy knowing your skin with be radiant not irritated.

Cleanse, tone, moisturize

You have heard this before, but we really can’t emphasise on how important this is! Doing this will help your skin prepare itself for all the heavy duty makeup that you will have to flaunt on your D-Day. If you do this religiously, your skin will look spotless, clear, and glowing, all of which is essential for a bride.

Practice and take pictures

If you are going to be doing your own makeup, the key here is to work on your skills until you feel totally confident with each technique. Watch tutorials on the internet and choose a look that will match your trousseau, features, and skin tone especially. Try it out on yourself and take pictures so that you can see how it might look in your wedding pictures. Compare different looks and how well it matches a particular wedding theme you have picked and even get the opinion of one of your family or friends who know your style well.

Prim(er) and proper

Listen up, bride-to-be, it’s going to a long, long day for you. Not just will you have to be a part of rituals, you’ll also meet and greet, eat, dance, laugh, cry (probably a few times!) Let’s face it, you’ll need your makeup to stand the test of time – which is why a primer is of prime importance. Applying a thin covering of a good quality primer to clean skin before makeup will help your makeup blend and look smoother whilst reacting as minimally as possible to waring away, rubbing off or appearing in any way blotchy.

Conceal correct

Concealers are life savers, especially when it comes to a bride. Because it’s your big day, you want to look flawless, and the key to getting there is by using your concealer correctly. Firstly, consider a creamy concealer because no bride want’s their makeup cracking or looking cake-y, EVER! Also, remember to use an oil-free, yellow-er concealer for blemishes and spots, and a peachy one for under your eyes. Blend it into your skin with a high quality medium size make up brush for a flawless and even look.

Blush better

If you are a bride-to-be, use your smile to help you get your blush right. Your smile will help you identify the apple of your cheek. Apply your blush from there to your temple, blend it in properly, and there you go!

Lips done right

Your lips need to be done right because there will be a lot of focus on your smile. Yes, your jaws will ache, but the smile isn’t supposed to fade even for a moment. Ensure that your lips are moisturised because lipstick won’t make your chapped lips look better. Also, line your lips before you fill them. Purse your lips together with a tissue in between and apply another layer of colour. This will help it last longer. Carry a lipgloss with you that you can use for touch-ups.


Guest Writer Reema Arora


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