An epic activity on a stag do go hand in hand like; Strawberries & Cream, Dick & Dom and Redbull and Vodka. A whopping 98% of stag do bookings made on the DesignaVenture website last year included at least one activity.

There are a lot of pros to including an activity or two on your stag do, for a start it keeps the boys out of the pub and from drinking all day saving your weekend from total carnage. It also builds camaraderie and creates banter for a group of lads that might not necessarily know each other all that well – well more chances than not, the groom will have mates from home, work and away which may not necessarily socialise together.

With all of this in mind DesignaVenture have come up with 10 Epic activity focused stag do ideas, that will blow your socks off and not your budget!


Rage Buggies

Possibly one of the most sort after activities by most stag groups, and you’ll know why the minute you accelerate and get thrown back into your bucket seat. These incredible machines can hit 58mph and stick to the dirt track unbelievably well, you can practically throw it around any corner at high speed and know you won’t hit the tyre wall. Rage Buggy sites can be found at various locations around the UK, check out the DesignaVenture website for more details.

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If your stag is a bit of an adrenalin junkie then this is the perfect activity for him, well it is his stag do after all!

Jump off 45 foot ledges into deep pools, walk behind waterfalls, explore caves, slide down smooth rock waterfalls into deep rock pools, these are just some of the activities you’ll get to do whilst canyoning.

You’ll be provided with wet suits, buoyancy aids and helmets, all you need to bring with you is something to wear on your feet, swimwear to put on under your wetsuit, oh and balls of steel! South and North Wales are popular Canyoning sites along with Scottish highlands and mainland Europe.




Bubble Football

It’s a fact, football is the most popular sport in the UK, half of your stag group will probably be in a 5 a side or a local pub team. So there’s no better themed stag do activity than Bubble Football. It’s the only game of football where you have to foul in order to win the game, it’s extremely funny and great value for money. Nationwide.




White Water Rafting

Whether you pick one of our amazing sites in the UK or head over to Europe for your stag do, white water rafting is a fantastic activity to experience. Fast flowing, frothy rivers isn’t really the place you’ll naturally want to be unless you’re in a massive inflatable raft with your mates tackling the rapids like your life depends on it, it’s so exhilarating! Most rafts will support 6 to 8 people, the bigger the group the more rafts you’ll have.




Quad Biking

Quad biking is one of the most popular stag activities DesignaVenture offer. They can pretty much take on any terrain, they are extremely agile and easy to ride. Quad trekking will see you taking on steep hillsides, riding through rivers, speeding through woods and thrashing the bikes on fields. Quad Bike Racing is a total different ball game where you are racing against each other around a specially designed dirt track which will include chicanes, straights and jumps, a totally must do motorised stag do activity. There are quad biking tracks and treks all over the UK, go to the DesignaVenture website for more details.


Designaventure q


It’s a knockout

It’s a Knockout if you haven’t heard of it before was a late 70s, early 80s TV show about teams competing in various challenges which included inflatables, foam, water and costumes.

Now your stag do can actually compete in an ‘It’s a knockout’ event most Saturdays from March to October at various locations up and down the country and mainly against hen parties! If you want to use the original costumes from the 1970s BBC show then choose Nottingham. If there isn’t an ‘It’s a knockout’ activity in your chosen stag destination then there are other “game-style” activities which are of a similar nature such as West Country Games (Bristol), Totally Wiped Out (Nottingham & Birmingham) and Welsh Games (Cardiff).


Designaventure Knockout


Horse Racing

A day at the races is something everyone needs to experience at least once in their lives and a stag do is probably the best time. There’s the anticipation and electric atmosphere on arrival, then there’s the actual excitement of the races, will you be a winner or a happy loser, which ever way the bar is the best place to celebrate / commiserate. A day like no other, why not make a weekend of it? DesignaVenture has created popular UK stag packages which include high quality hotels, transport for the day and nightlife!




Indoor / Outdoor Karts

You cannot beat a well organised Grand Prix, if your stag is a bit of petrol head and loves the F1 then this is the perfect activity to book for him and the boys. Some tracks are now electric which may sound tame but the karts actually go a lot quicker with awesome acceleration. Karts are equipped with computers onboard letting you know who won the race and who has the fastest lap times (not always the same person), you get a print out on how you did, to lose on your way to the pub! You can find Indoor karting tracks all over the UK and beyond.




Clay Pigeon Shooting

There is something about turning up at a shooting ground for a bacon roll, hot coffee and hip flask in tow to get your Saturday morning underway. If you’ve never shot before you’ll have professional tuition and if you’re a bit of a hot shot, harder traps can be set to give all the rest of the group a fighting chance. Clay Pigeon is nationwide and each site offer various packages.





Old Faithful, Paintball has been serving stag dos since the 90s and now with improved guns, masks, paintballs and game play you will have more fun than a Geek at a coding convention. Paintball is a great way to bring the group together, if you’re lucky to have some members of the group who have a high level of strategic thinking get them to work, it’s not just about being trigger happy, although hammering all your bullets at a moving target is also very satisfying. Available nationwide.




There are 1,000s of stag do ideas on the DesignaVenture waiting to be experienced!