St Audries Park offers a fantastic setting for your destination wedding. Close to the sea, it offers fabulous coastal views as well as a tranquil setting in 100 acres of deer park. How perfect does that sound?

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It comes as no surprise that St Audries Park is one of the most popular wedding venues in the UK, and remains exclusively for weddings. Click here to see when their next open day is!

It appears now though that one day is simply not enough time to enjoy this serene setting and make the most of celebrating in style! More and more couples are looking for the option to spend not just one night at the venue, but now to ‘take over’ for the entire weekend! In response to this demand, the newly created website for St Audries Park is dedicated purely to this amazing concept of the ‘Weekend Wedding’.

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Country House Weddings have always prided themselves on offering the ‘complete package’ and keeping things simple and easy for their couples. This new concept is no different, it is just bigger and better than ever before! Offering the entire house and grounds exclusively to each couple for longer and incorporating more family and friends too.

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St Audries Park can now cater for every type of celebration from big to small, and from one day to an entire weekend. Accommodation includes suites in the main house plus the individually styled estate cottages. New for 2015 is the newly converted ‘Windsor House’ offering a modern twist to the end of a fairytale day.

For details, visit or call Lynne on 01984 633633.


  1. If it’s affordable to you, then it’s lovely to have a Wedding Brunch the next day, I’ve been to a couple of them. But you’d need to consider whether some guests were not planning on the expense of an overnight hotel stay and may feel left out of the next day event.


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