We sat down with Tux Fizz, an award-winning wedding band based in Gloucestershire providing one-of-a-kind, high-energy entertainment for couples on one of the most special days of their lives. The band tells us how they were founded, some of their favourite songs to sing and what the future holds for Tux Fizz.

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Tell us about yourselves and how Tux Fizz was formed?

Tux Fizz is a high-energy and sumptuous function band that specialises in one-of-a-kind interactive entertainment. We’ve been keeping dancefloors packed for years, although our journey began in 2015 when close friends Chris, Rich and Zoe started a small band, performing our own original music. This was our first introduction into the exciting world of live music and putting on an unforgettable performances.

Why did you decide to enter the wedding industry?

The honest answer is that it happened purely by accident – after performing at a festival, we were asked by an audience member if we could perform at their wedding – we’re always up for anything so agreed, and quickly discovered the rush of performing amazing music to packed rooms of wedding guests!

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We fell instantly in love with the wedding industry – especially with the personal connection we could make with each of our clients – and have never looked back since.

How has Tux Fizz evolved since you first began working together?

We are a super ambitious and driven team, so are continuously exploring new ways to keep growing and evolving.

In the early years, this meant refining our look and sound, identifying the bangers that are guaranteed to keep dancefloors packed; it then progressed towards the setup and visual impact of our show, making sure the band looks as good as it sounds; and now we’re looking at nurturing and maintaining the hottest talent in the industry, including adding new instruments (like Saxophone) to the band line-up.

We firmly believe that improvement is a journey not a destination, so we will never stop looking for new ways to take our services to the next level.

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Do you have any standout weddings you have been a part of?

We have been very fortunate and honoured to celebrate the weddings of international athletes, TV presenters, Gold Cup Jockey’s and (most recently) TikTok influencers. All of these weddings have had special touches (we recently had the best man join us on the Trumpet!) – but honestly every wedding is special – so just being able to see the love and happiness in the room makes us feel very grateful to do this job.

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What are some of your favourite wedding songs to sing?

We are very deliberate about the music we perform – each song must be a certified banger, creating energy and excitement; but we like to keep our sets unique, with lots of hidden mashups thrown in for good measure.

Without giving too much away, we have worked very hard to create an act that is unlike any other. In terms of specific songs – right now we’re really enjoying About Damn Time by Lizzo, Flowers by Miley Cyrus and rocking out to Easy Love by Phil Collins.

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How would a couple go about booking Tux Fizz for their wedding? Talk us through the process…

The best way to get in touch is through our website (www.tuxfizz.co.uk) or Instagram (@Tuxfizz). You’ll then be guided through the process by Zoe and Rich (who are now a husband-and-wife team having tied the knot last year).

Zoe and Rich will then work with you to discuss and understand your musical tastes and any specific needs you have for your wedding. We recognise that every client has slightly different preferences, so we work hand-in-hand with you to design the perfect show for you and your guests.

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What’s next for Tux Fizz?

We firmly feel that our success to-date is due to our ambition, dedication and ability to innovate. We are always looking for the next thing to take our act to the next level, whether that means introducing new services – such as our DJ, Sax and Drum After party package – or working on a breath-taking showpiece moment.

No-one cares more about putting on an unforgettable party than Tux Fizz! It’s taken us a lot of effort to be crowned the 2023 Wedding Industry awards “Best Wedding Band in the UK”, and we intend on keeping that title!

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Tux Fizz’s website can be found here

Tux Fizz’s Instagram can be found here

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