Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… You’ve probably had this old wedding rhyme quoted to you ever since you got engaged.

It’s a superstition that you need to have all of the above included on your big day, so you can have a long and happy marriage. And while we don’t think anything’s going to happen to your marriage if you don’t follow these rules, it is a fun way of building some items into your wedding look.

People are definitely going to ask you what items you’ve got on that are old, new, borrowed and blue, so you might as well have something to tell them!

Something Old, Something New... - blue garter

We’ve asked real-life brides from the Wedding Ideas forum for some ideas and suggestions. Here’s what they had to say…

Something Old

Something Old, Something New...- pearl

With the trend for vintage looking like it’s not going to go away anytime soon, there are quite a few ‘old’ items that you can incorporate into your wedding look.

We love the idea of wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s jewellery on the big day. It might be a brooch, garter, neckline or a pair of earrings. Maybe you had a christening bracelet you want to wear on your wedding day. Something old doesn’t have to mean clothing or accessories, either. If you’ve an old family cake topper you could use that.

If there’s an old family veil that your mother, aunts or older sisters wore on their big days, ask to borrow that. Wedding veils don’t date too much, so this could be a money-saving item for you, too.

Future Mrs Hunter on the Wedding Ideas Forum is having a family heirloom as her something old. “Something Old… I’ve got an old silver sixpence my mum was given for her wedding from her Granny.”

Something New

Something Old, Something New... dress

Your something new is most likely to be your wedding dress or your new husband! If you’re recycling a family wedding dress or borrowing one, then what else would be good that’s new? Kate Middleton wore a new pair of diamond earrings on her wedding day to Prince William, her parents had them commissioned especially for her, lucky girl.

In fact, many generous grooms buy their brides-to-be a gift that is presented to them on the morning of their wedding, which might be something like a pearl bracelet, earrings or a necklace.

Alternatively, if you’re not into possessions you could treat yourself to something new that’s going to give you a different look. You could have a brand new look by having a teeth whitening session or have laser eye surgery. Or you could even just buy a new lipstick or make-up if your budget is tight. Just make sure your something new is something practical that you’re going to enjoy in the long term.

Mrs L To Be on the Wedding Ideas forum says that her biggest purchase will be her something new. “Something new – my wedding dress!”

Something Borrowed

Something Old, Something New... crown

Kate Middleton had the ultimate borrowed accessory on her wedding day when the Queen lent her a sparkling vintage diamond tiara. While your new in-laws may not have something quite as valuable to lend you, your mother-in-law may be delighted to lend you a vintage accessory or brooch to decorate your bridal bouquet.

We think accessories are a great thing to borrow if you can. It will make the lender feel that bit closer to you on your big day.

Another item to borrow is a veil. Traditional finger tip or church length veils aren’t particularly inspired by fashion so they’re a good classic item to borrow and you’ll certainly save by doing so. Just ask around to see who has a veil tucked away in a box somewhere.

For a bit of light relief, check out this You Tube video of the Something Borrowed dance scene featuring Kate Hudson.

Something Blue

Something Old, Something New... blue flowers

We see a lot of brides-to-be add a bit of blue to their garter as their something blue, but you could choose a more visible blue accessory.

Light blue wedding shoes can look amazing with a traditional wedding dress. You could even opt for a coloured wedding dress it doesn’t have to be in a dramatic shade but pale blues and pinks are right on trend now for wedding gowns – think of Jessica Biel in her blush pink dress on her wedding day to Justin Timberlake!

If you had a sapphire engagement ring then maybe that could be your something blue?

And a Silver Sixpence for your Shoe!

The classic rhyme ends with a silver sixpence in your shoe. You don’t have to wear this all the time, but this is something you could borrow from a friend who had one on her big day, that way you could double your luck!

If you’re looking for more amazing ideas to help you accessorise your big day outfit, then why not check out our Wedding Accessories section?


Words by: Laura Bolshaw




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